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Wooden Doll Beds

Complete your child's doll collection with our range of adorable wooden doll beds. Each doll bed is designed to complement every nursery and playroom with bright colours finish. Perfect doll accessories to make roleplaying with dolls more realistic and detailed. Roleplaying expands your child's imagination and creative thinking.

These doll beds are made from eco-friendly materials like wood and painted with lovely colours using non-toxic watercolour and mineral-based colourants.

Choose from a variety of designs that fit your child's play style and personality. With our collection of doll beds, your little one's doll will be comfortable and cosy after a long day of playtime.

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Indigo Jamm Hearts Cot
Tidlo 3 in 1 Dolls Pram
£59.95  (8)
Tidlo 2 in 1 Dolls Cradle
£52.50  (3)
Goki Dolls Bed Bedding Set Stars
£13.50   £10.13

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Baba Me