Dolls and Their Developmental Benefits

Dolls are one of the most popular toys for little kids. They have been around for centuries but remain popular because they are just so fun to play with. Little children are drawn into playing with them because they are a representation of the child themselves. They provide companionship to children as they explore their surroundings together.

Early Learning Toys

Dolls are more than just toys. They are fantastic early learning tools as well. They have such huge developmental value that children should have access to playing with them. Not just little girls but little boys too.

Children learn through meaningful play and that includes make-believe or role playing. Many child experts suggest that role-playing has fundamental benefits to a child’s early development. They allow children to develop skills they need when they grow older.

Role-playing allows children to use their imagination. When playing make-believe, children see things in different perspectives and act out different scenarios. These fun activities help children develop problem-solving skills and spark their creativity. Role-playing is often open-ended and doesn’t follow a script. The spontaneity of role-playing creates a safe environment for children to try and experiment new ideas. Learning is maximised because role-playing with dolls is fun and enjoyable for children.

Children can play dress up with their dolls. As they change their dolls clothes, they are developing their fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination. These skills allow children to perform actions such as using a pair of scissors or writing on a piece of paper.

Dolls provide an emotional outlet for children and they serve as a child’s best friend. Children talk to their dolls and allow them to express themselves. They don’t feel alone when they have their dolls cuddled up in their arms.

Dolls Are for Little Boys Too

The lessons little girls learn and skills they develop from playing with dolls are beneficial to boys too. Both father and mother play an important role in terms of parenting. Allowing your little boy to play with dolls allows him to develop his nurturing side. Children often emulate their parents’ actions which means your little boy will take care of his doll the same way you take care of him.

Playing with dolls leads to emotional development and provides windows of opportunity for learning and interacting. When your little boy wraps his dolls with a blanket, it promotes kindness and teaches him how to become responsible.

Choosing the Best Dolls

With so many dolls available on the market, it may be challenging to find the right doll for your child. There are so many options to choose from depending on what your child wants. But it is highly recommended to stay away from plastic dolls especially if they're not a trusted brand. Most plastic dolls are made from PVC or polyvinyl chloride which is a type of plastic. Plasticizers are used to make PVC softer and more flexible. The most common used plasticizer is phthalates which is often linked to endocrine disruption. It disrupts and interferes with the normal hormonal activities of the human body which allows us to interact with our environment. There’s also the environmental implications of the manufacturing and distribution process of plastic dolls.

Soft dolls made from fabric like cotton are more eco-friendly than plastic dolls. They are often handmade by artisans and look better than their plastic counterparts. We highly recommend checking Rubens Barn dolls. They have a wide range of dolls for little boys and girls.

Lastly, make sure to always check the labels and warnings on the box before buying dolls or any toy for that matter. Some dolls have detachable parts that could be a potential choking hazard.


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