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Rubens Baby Teddybear jacket
Rubens Baby Teddybear overall
Little Rubens Ballerina
Rubens Baby Handsome
£19.00  (1)
Rubens Baby Kids Jeans Jacket
Rubens Baby Kids Dot dress
£16.90  (1)
Rubens Baby Kids Grey Jumper
Rubens Baby Kids Pink Cardigan
Rubens Barn Cutie Midwinter
£16.00  (2)
Rubens Barn Cutie Outfit Rainy day
£16.00  (3)
Rubens Barn Cutie Outfit Rose garden
£16.00  (1)
Rubens Barn Cutie Outift Summertime
£16.00  (2)
Rubens Barn Ark Outfit Moose
Rubens Baby Kids Cloud dress
£11.90  (1)
Rubens Baby Kids Red sneakers
Rubens Baby Kids Jeans
£8.90  (1)
Rubens Baby Kids Shorts
Rubens Baby Kids White top
Bigjigs Blue Pyjamas Large
Bigjigs Pink Fleece Coat with Hat Large
£7.99  (1)
Bigjigs Pink Pyjamas Large
Bigjigs Pink Pyjamas Medium
Bigjigs Blue Pyjamas Small
Bigjigs Pink Pyjamas Small
Rubens Baby Kids Kitty Bag
Bigjigs Beige Fleece Coat with Hat Large
£7.99   £5.60
Bigjigs Blue Pyjamas Medium
£7.49   £5.50
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Page 1 of 2:    61 Items 

Doll Dresses & Clothes

Children love to play dress up and there is no better way to make them happier than playing dress up with their favourite dolls. Choose from a wide variety of styles that fit your child's personality. We have doll raincoats to match your child's during the rainy days. They can lounge around the house in their matching cardigan and floral dress. Or they can roleplay as fantastical creatures with our teddy bear and cow outfits. With our range of doll clothes, your kids are guaranteed to have a fun and imaginative playtime with their dolls.

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