Dummy Clips

Shop our range of high-quality dummy clips and say goodbye to lost dummies! Wooden dummy clip shapes are made with safe, durable materials in fun colours. No more struggling for hours trying to find your child's favourite toy again.

Mothers of babies know that there is a lot of commotion when their children's soother falls out. This can result in tears and frustration for the child if they cannot find it or you have no way to clean it up quickly enough.

Dummy clips can help prevent this from happening by always having your little one's favourite toy close at hand, secured safely around their neck or attached to their clothing. These dummy clips or chains can easily be attached to their prams and high chairs too! It's a perfect solution to this common problem for parents because your baby will always have easy access to his or her favourite object, without having it fall out of the mouth.

Dummy clips for your little one are great, especially when they grow in their teeth. These toys can be lifesavers because not only do they stimulate and develop the senses of a growing baby but help keep those precious fingers from getting caught in that toothless mouth!

Wooden Dummy Clips for All Babies to Enjoy

Wooden dummy clips are the perfect way to keep your baby's teething toy and pacifier within reach! Wooden toys offer an excellent opportunity for sensory play, which is important in a child's early development. Plus dummy clips come with bright colours that can help stimulate visual acuity as well as colour recognition skills.

Baby-sized dummy clips are designed with the baby's tiny hands in mind, which makes them easy to grasp and hold. When babies use their fingers, wrist, and hand to explore their surroundings they're strengthening grip strength and improving both hand-eye coordination as well as fine motor skills.

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