Early Learning Toys Buying Guide

Many experts recommend teaching children about numbers, shapes, colours, letters of the alphabet, animals and more at a young age. Parents can do this in many ways but the most common way is letting children play with early learning toys. Children learn through playing and if they are having fun while learning, that is definitely a good thing. It keeps them from getting bored and they learn easily without putting too much effort into it. Parents can get creative when it comes to teaching and educating their kids while at home.

Early learning comes in various forms. It could be anything from learning how to solve problems to learning how to count. Regardless of the subject and lesson, early learning toys should be simple to understand and fun to play. Making things fresh and interesting can also maximise your child’s learning potential and prevents them from being bored quickly. Some early learning toys come in a form of games as well.

Early learning toys are popular toys among children and parents alike. Fortunately there is a wide selection of these toys to choose from so there is an early learning toy for you and your child. However too many choices can sometimes feel overwhelming. You do not know where to start and what to buy. Do not worry. Here’s a short guide of things to consider when buying early learning toys.

Safety should be at the top of your priority list. No matter how good an early learning toy is at facilitating development, if it is not safe to play then you are better off with a different toy. There are many ways to find out how safe a toy is and usually it comes down to research. Make sure to read the product description of the early learning toy you want to buy. Find out if the toy has detachable parts that could be potential choking hazards or if the toy is appropriate for your child’s age. It would also help if you could read product reviews from verified buyers to have an idea of what to expect.

Choosing the material of the early learning toy should be easy. Early learning toys made from plastic are widely available. These toys are also easy to clean which make them appealing to busy parents. However if you think about the environmental implications of the manufacturing of these plastic toys, you would think twice before buying them. Not to mention the number of toxic chemicals that are found in plastic like BPA or bisphenol-A, phthalates and more. You can avoid all of these by choosing wooden early learning toys.

Wooden early learning toys are far better than their plastic counterparts. They are tactile and great for sensory play. These toys also have a timeless appeal to them and could double as nursery decoration. Wood is a sustainable and renewable resource. By buying wooden early learning toys you are helping save the planet from total destruction.


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