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We have the best range of eco-friendly early learning toys and games toddlers will surely love. These toys are specifically designed to make your kid's playtime fun and educational. There are plenty of toys to choose from our collection. Djeco educational games and puzzles are good for bedtime story telling and introducing your kid to different animals. We also have a variety of stacking and sorting games with brightly coloured pieces that will improve your child's hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, colour recognition, counting and problem-solving skills. These early learning toys are perfect for working towards your baby's developmental milestones.

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Grimms 6 Wooden Balls
£13.50  (43)
Grimms Building Rings Rainbow
Goula Peek-a-Boo Memory Game
Goula Honey Yummy Board Game
Plan Toys Gears & Puzzles
Tender Leaf Toys What's Up?
Grimms Rolling Boats
£28.94  (3)
Bigjigs Cog Puzzle
Bigjigs Number Tower
£16.95  (1)
Grimms Blue Truck Pull Toy
£33.49  (1)
Tegu Floating Stacker Blue/Green
£18.95  (1)
Tender Leaf Toys Garden Patch Puzzle
£22.50  (1)
Tidlo ABC Board
£24.30  (3)
Tidlo Nature Lacing Beads
£13.74  (15)
Bigjigs 1-9 Number Puzzles
Bigjigs Animal Shape Lorry
Bigjigs Garden Bug Keeper
£5.95  (1)
Bigjigs Shape Sorting Bus
Djeco Filacolor Lacing Beads
Djeco Stabilou Balancing Game
Tidlo animal sorting cube
£24.50  (3)
Tidlo Magnetic Numbers
£15.95  (1)
Tidlo Sorting & Teaching Clock
£19.94  (4)
Big Jigs Lock Box
£39.95  (1)
Bigjigs Count and Stack
Bigjigs First Flower Stacker
Bigjigs Fractions Tray
Bigjigs Garden Pop Up
Bigjigs Magnetic Board
Bigjigs Magnetic Fun Bugs
Bigjigs Magnifying Glass
Bigjigs Number Tray
Bigjigs Polar Glacier
Bigjigs Shape Peg Board
Djeco Lassa Lacing
Tender Leaf Toys Pond Dipping
Tidlo Magnetic Dino Fun
£8.50  (3)
Bigjigs ABC Blocks
Bigjigs Circle Fraction Board
Bigjigs Dinosaur Pull Along
Bigjigs Farmhouse Sorter
Bigjigs Lacing Laundry
Bigjigs Magnetic Dino Fun
Bigjigs Magnetic Fishing Fun
Bigjigs Shape Sorting Board
Bigjigs Square Fraction Board
Bigjigs Teddy Bear Clock
Djeco 1,2,3,4 Bloop
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Educational toys for babies and toddlers should encourage pretend play, creative play and imaginative play. Through the different forms of play, children develop a wide variety of key skills whilst having fun.

As parents ourselves, we have hand-picked our selection of entertaining, educational toys for their beautiful quality, often eco-friendly properties and huge fun factor. Whilst playing with this large array of baby and toddler toys and games your child will develop fine motor skills, counting, language development and communication skills, and when playing with friends and family, social skills.

Your child's learning journey begins at a young age. A baby begins learning about the world as they look at and reach for objects. They learn object permanence, cause and effect and develop basic motor skills. Once your baby has mastered reaching, grasping, and passing from hand to hand, they require developmental toys that help to stimulate their growing minds.

Younger babies still need to practice tummy time to help them with their gross motor skills. From here they start sitting, crawling, standing and walking. Many of our toys have different textures and sounds and can be used to keep your baby entertained in a car seat or high chair.

Multi-activity toys

Multi-activity toys are a great way to stimulate and engage little learners. The variety of activities in one toy encourages exploration and learning. And a multi-activity toy will keep them happily amused as they practice new skills, figure out cause and effect and exploring shapes, colours and textures. 

We have an activity table as well as two different wooden activity cubes and some great activity walkers all perfect for inquisitive young minds. Each brilliantly versatile activity centre has a variety of different toys for babies to play with, all aiming to develop different skills. Babies will learn to pull up and stand to play with the different components. These are brilliant toys for helping to reach baby development milestones.

Early Learning with Jigsaw puzzles

We stock a huge choice of jigsaws and shape sorting puzzles in a fabulous range of colours and designs. Puzzles are the perfect educational toy as your developing children will have to work out how shapes fit into holes and together in order to create a picture. 

Puzzles like the Djeco Croc-nut and Croc-carrot make beautiful first puzzles for babies. The wooden knobs that are perfect for little hands and the cute characters are beautifully designed to entice children. There are lots of great peg puzzles for young toddlers and it's really a question of choosing the ones you like the look of most. However, you should definitely check out the Goki Farm Sound Puzzle. This great peg puzzle not only has all the animals you would find on a farm to learn and identify as you play. It also makes the animal noises when your child places the animals in the correct place on the board. Tidlo does a similar puzzle with vehicle sounds which is equally popular with little ones. 

Moving on from this is the Noah's ark puzzle that has different shapes to fit together. These puzzle pieces also double as building blocks incorporating a different way to play. 

And the fun doesn't stop there. We have puzzles that will support learning at every stage. From simple two-piece puzzles that toddlers will love, to number and alphabet puzzles that can be used to gently introduce letters and numbers to play. Helping to develop numeracy and literacy skills from a young age. 

For older kids, there are lots of educational puzzles that require problem-solving skills so why not develop a love of puzzling at a young age?

Basic stacking toys

Basic stacking toys are a simple early learning toy that has great educational benefit.  The Just B stacking cups are perfect for little ones' hands to hold, explore and build towers with. Your baby will then love knocking them down again. Likewise, we have a great range of stacking cubes that are fun to nest or stack and can also be used for counting. 

A set of stacking rings or similar is also a great early learning toy. Babies will have hours of fun figuring out how to get the rings onto the stick and delight in their achievements. This simple task requires hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and dexterity and is a great way of developing these key skills. Again this is a toy that can also be used to help with counting and colour recognition. At first, they will probably put the rings together in a random order but will gradually learn about size as well as concepts such as bigger and smaller, smallest and biggest. 

The Djeco 123 Moby and Frogy are a different type of stacking toy as children have to complete shape matching stacking characters on top of shapes in three mini puzzles. They make beautiful gifts and the pieces are also fun to use in imaginative play. The Sevi stacking animals and colours not only encourages pattern matching but colour matching as well.

Grimms have an amazing range of colourful stacking toys that are perfect for a child's early years development but that will also be loved as open-ended toys for years to come. 

Colour matching toys

The beautiful, and ever-popular plan toys beehive and Tidlo sorting cube both have colour matching elements as well as pretend play elements. Children have to match the little bees to their houses or make the animals by matching the colours in the cube. The little wooden bees can be used in multiple games whilst a child has to feed the animals in the sorting cube the correct foods.

Baby and toddler toys should, of course, be fun and entertaining, however, as parents it's important that our kids are challenged and learn as they play. We believe that this brilliantly large selection of developmental toys all do this.

Enjoy fast free shipping when you spend over £40 on any of our high-quality toys. And benefit from a 30 day no quibble returns policy. 

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