Easy Play Ideas With Wooden Animals

Children love animals. They are inherently curious with anything and everything around them and the idea that other creatures exist simply fascinate them. Animals are also often subjects and characters in a wide range of kids’ stories and television shows. Not to mention, they appear in various forms as toys and playroom decorations. It’s definitely a good idea to buy wooden animals for your child if she’s really into animals.

Wooden animal toys are the kind of toys that are called open-ended toys. They are called open-ended toys because there are many ways to play them and they open windows of opportunity for a fun playtime.

Many experts will tell you how imaginative and creative play is important to a child’s early development. Children like role-playing which is a form of imaginative play. Playing with wooden animals allows children to role-play as zookeepers or farmers.

Depending on your child’s interests, you can buy sets of wooden animal toys. For instance, if your child has interest in marine animals, you can buy her a set of sea animals like fish, dolphins, sharks and many more. Likewise, if your child is interested in farms, you can buy a set of farm animals like horses, cows, chickens and donkeys.

You can also buy toy accessories to augment your child’s fun playtime. Wooden blocks are great accessories because like wooden animals they are also considered as open-ended toys. Your child can build different kinds of infrastructures to house his wooden animals. This is a good way to use his creativity and imagination.

Farm sets are also popular among kids. There are many farm sets only and most of them already come with animal toys. As the old saying goes - the more, the merrier. You can buy individual pieces of animal toys. Ask your child about her favourite animals and you can go from there.

Another toy accessories to buy are unfurnished dollhouses. If playroom space is not an issue, you can buy something larger to double as a storage container for your child’s wooden animals. She can use the dollhouse when playing and when she’s done you can teach her how to line up her toys inside the dollhouse to make everything look organised.

If your child is learning how to walk, buy him a push toy like a shopping cart or trolley so he has something to put his wooden animals toys and bring them with him everywhere. If there's enough space in the push toy, it can double a storage container.

Doing arts and crafts is another way you can get into your child’s creative side. You can find many DIY tutorials online with varying levels of difficulty. From more elaborate designs that require power tools to simple designs like glueing small wooden planks together, there’s a DIY project for everyone. You and your child can bond together and make a building, perhaps a barn for his wooden animals.


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