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Eat your Hat - Luxury Chocolate

Eat your hat chocolate is another brand from Traidcraft, the pioneers of fairtrade.

Eat your Hat Organic Chocolate

Eat Your Hat represents a new change in the chocolate industry and is now one of our favourite chocolate companies. Not only are they fairtrade, organic, sustainably grow these chocolate bars are simply delicious and the packaging is biodegradable - yes even the inside 'golden ticket for the planet is made from plants and is compostable.

Discover the amazing Eat your Hat flavours today and take chocolate bar enjoyment to a whole new level.

Everything that Eat Your Hat does is fairer than fair trade and their mission is to prove you can have delicious indulgent chocolate that also changes people's lives. The premium they pay to their cocoa farmers for their cocoa beans allows them to pioneer biodynamic land cultivation and fighting child slavery and child labour. They are determined to be a brand with a difference, changing people's lives whilst leaving no carbon footprint on the planet, whilst proving you can do this and make amazing organic chocolate. So chocolate lovers everywhere, know you can have your chocolate cake and eat it!

Delicious Chocolate Bars by Eat your Hat

And let's talk about amazing fair trade chocolate of Eat Your Hat which will tickle your taste buds. Eat Your Hat milk chocolate bar comes either plain or with added South African Sea Salt or Sri Lankan Cardamom mmmmmm. The ingredient list is short, which is always a good sign. Whole Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter, Muscovado Raw Cane Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Raw Cane Sugar, Vanilla Extract. The dark chocolate (which is vegan) come as either 95% cocoa or 70%, or choose to have it infused with Brazilian Mandarin or Turmeric & Black Pepper! As yet they don't have a white chocolate or hot chocolate option, but we know they have lots of exciting plans, including coffee, stay tuned'. Good food which is good for the planet, good for you (yep there are health benefits to good quality and good for the world's poorer communities

Whether you love dark chocolate or milk chocolate, there is an Eat Your Hat chocolate for everyone.

These are our top choices from our Eat Your Hat chocolate collection: