Eco Coconut

Are you looking for a new eco-friendly cleaning product?

Our range of Eco Coconut kitchen products are made ethically in Sri Lanka using high quality sustainably farmed coconut fibre. These coconut fibres have natural antibacterial properties, are 100% biodegradable and are free from toxic chemicals like petroleum derivatives.

You can feel good about using these sustainable and environmentally friendly products to clean your home because they don't contain any harmful chemicals or toxins. You can also feel safe knowing that these products will keep your family healthy while keeping harmful chemicals out of landfills. They'll last longer than other cleaning products so they won't need replacing as often either! Shop scourers and brushes from Eco Coconut now!

Eco-friendly Cleaning Products Made from Coconut

Get rid of plastic sponges and scourers and replace them with sustainable, stylish and affordable coconut cleaning products made from sustainably farmed coconut fibre and rubberwood.

The coconut scourers are perfect for the washing up and safe to use on non-stick pans. And we love the coconut dish brush for both the kitchen and the bathroom. In fact, once you feel you need a new brush for the dishes these are perfect for scrubbing the toilet.

Plus all Eco Coconut products are 100% plastic free, including the packaging.

If you are making the switch to eco-friendly cleaning products made from coconuts, look no further than our collection.

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