Zero waste bathroom essentials

Our natural bathroom products are packed with ingredients that will make your skin feel amazing and your home look beautiful. We've hand-picked these eco-friendly, plastic-free products to help you create the perfect zero waste sanctuary in your own home. Transform your bathroom into an eco haven by choosing from our wide range of sustainable, ethical and organic bath essentials. With everything from vegan toothpaste to bamboo cotton buds, we have everything you need to live more sustainably at home. And if that wasn't enough, all of our packaging is 100% recyclable or reusable so it doesn't end up in landfill! Make sure you check out our full range today!

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Eco-Friendly Bathroom Products - Zero Waste Toiletries

If you are looking to transform your bathroom into an eco-friendly bathroom then plastic-free toiletries are a great place to start for your essential needs. There are some really easy simple swaps you can start with like going from shampoo bottles in single-use plastic to solid shampoo bars. You can get a hair shampoo bar and a conditioner bar or a 2 in one shampoo conditioner bar. Other easy swaps are going from body wash and lotion in a bottle to plastic-free shower gel full of organic ingredients.

Toothpaste in plastic toothpaste tubes can be switched for natural toothpaste in a glass jar or even toothpaste tablets for your teeth. Swap roll your plastic deodorant to natural deodorants in cardboard or tins (most of these are vegan deodorants). Even swap your disposable razors for reusable safety razors. If you are worried about using a safety razor, read our guide. Swap to compostable floss and mouthwash tablets and liquid soap for a handmade soap bar. Every little bit will help on your journey to living a sustainable life. The best news? Most of these swaps will save you money, be better for your health and help save the world - win-win! Plastics are a problem we all have to address and begin to live without.

Plastic Free Bathroom Accessories

Swap the plastic for wood or other sustainable materials. Easy swaps are your body scrub for a natural loofah one which is biodegradable. Use wooden nail brushes and wooden hairbrushes and a wooden soap dish or a jute soap bag. Ditch the plastic toothbrushes for bamboo toothbrushes. Did you know your plastic toothbrush will be in landfills for over 500 years? Your eco-credentials will go way up if you even swap your plastic toilet brush for a wooden one which will compost back to nature, very clean & green!

All the brands we stock have the highest ethics and sustainability credentials. We only stock a brand once we have thoroughly researched and checked their products, so you don't need to worry, they contain no harmful ingredients or any nasties. All of our products are cruelty-free, most are vegan, all come in plastic-free packaging which can be reused, composted or recycled to eliminate waste at affordable prices.

All Sustainable Bathroom Products

Eco Friendly Bathroom Products

We have a vast range of eco-friendly, natural products that can transform your bathroom into an environmentally friendly oasis. We supply our wares in reusable or recyclable packaging so you don't need to worry about wasting any resources! Our plastic free toiletries are palm oil free and include everything from shaving soap to solid shampoo bars, but without the toxic chemicals. So whether you are looking for a new soap dish, lip balm with gorgeous essential oils or just wanting to reduce your plastic waste in general, you've found the right place! Our natural deodorants are made with baking soda, we have compostable floss and safety razors, so its a no brainer to go for our non toxic ingredients. We have all your personal care needs from shampoo bars to conditioner bars and gorgeous natural bath bombs! We've not gone into plastic free bamboo toilet paper.. yet!

We're committed towards making sure everything we do is sourced ethically and sustainably - from the ingredients used all way through production processes too disposal techniques when they've reached their end date.

Are you looking for a more sustainable way to take care of your hygiene?

Eco friendly bathroom products are the perfect way to make your daily routine more sustainable. Not only do they help reduce waste, but they are also made with organic and natural ingredients that are better for you and the environment.

Taking care of yourself and the planet doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive – in fact, it can be quite easy when you make the switch to eco friendly bathroom products. Make the healthy choice for both you and the earth by using our products today!

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