Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts for Her


We have the perfect eco-friendly Christmas gifts for her! Browse our selection of thoughtful, affordable presents that are sure to impress this holiday season. From pamper products to fair trade chocolate, we have something for every woman on your list.

Give the gift of sustainability this holiday season with an eco-friendly present from us! You can find everything from ethical clothing like bamboo socks to delectable fairtrade chocolates in our store today. And don't forget about stocking stuffers like bath fizzers - they're great little gifts she'll love too!

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Nkuku Makani Cotton Throw
Eco Warrior Hamper
£78.80   £66.98
Couples Christmas Gift
£60.00   £51.00
Natural Pain Relief Gift Set
£59.75   £50.79
Namaste Soft Woven Rainbow Throw
£57.95   £49.26
Gnaw  Super-Duper Hamper
£60.00   £55.00
Eco Gift for Him
£52.95   £45.01
Soft Woven Multi Coloured Throw
£47.95   £40.76
Deluxe Pamper Hamper
£45.95   £39.06
His and Hers Gift Set - Zero Waste Shaving
£45.95   £39.06
Aromatherapy Gift Set
£45.00   £38.25
Gnaw Gnawfully Big Hamper
£45.00   £38.25
Respiin Plain Wool Throw with Fringe - Dark Grey
£45.00   £38.25
Eco Friendly Starter Bundle
£40.95   £34.81
Spa at Home Bath Gift
£40.95   £34.81
Hair Repair Set
£38.45   £32.68
Luxury Spa Hamper
£36.45   £30.98
Go Green Gift
£33.50   £28.48
Namaste Rainbow Threads Cotton Handloom Throw
£31.96   £27.17
Eco Toiletries Unisex Gift
£30.45   £25.88
Gnawish Hamper
£30.00   £25.50
Gnaw Bar Bundle - 10 Bars
£31.00   £27.50
Shaving Kit
£26.95   £22.91
Bath Bundle
£26.50   £22.53
For Grandma
£26.00   £22.10
Zero Waste Starter Kit - Reusable coffee cup gift set
£26.00   £22.10
Namaste Malabar Throw With Tassels
£25.95   £22.06
FOSH Vital Water Bottle PRINTS
£25.00   £21.25
FOSH Flip Water Bottle PRINTS
£27.00   £23.95
Vegan Gift Set For Her
£30.95   £23.25
FOSH Social Beaker Prints Reusable Coffee Cup
£22.00   £18.70
Fathers Day Gift
£24.50   £21.95
Haircare Gift Bundle
£20.00   £17.00
Pamper kit for Feet
£20.00   £17.00
Self Care Box
£22.00   £20.00
Gnaw Vegan-a-licious Dark Chocolate Hamper
£19.99   £16.99
FOSH Social Beaker
£18.00   £15.30
FOSH Vital Water Bottle
£20.00   £17.95
FOSH Vital Flip Water Bottle
£22.00   £17.50
Gnaw Delightfully Delicious Bundle
£20.00   £17.00
Christmas Chocolates Sampler
£22.50   £16.88
Gnaw Chocolate Buttons 6 Bag Bundle
£16.50   £14.03
Enchanted Candle Large Bowl Lavender
£15.00   £12.75
FOSH Active Water Bottle
£15.00   £12.75
Shower gift bundle
£14.50   £12.33
Gnaw Sunny Days Chocolate Box
£13.50   £11.48
Gnaw Vegan Happiness Chocolate Box
£13.50   £11.48
Fairy Dust
£12.50   £10.63
Home is Home Candle Pots
£12.50   £10.63
Bathing Beauty Sock Foot Salve
£12.00   £10.20
Gnaw Go Nuts Summer Chocolate Box
£13.50   £12.00
Large Botanical Candles - Marsh Viola
£12.00   £10.20
Large Botanical Candles - Victorian Peony
£12.00   £10.20
Lyonsleaf Marshmallow Facial Oil UnScented
£17.99   £11.95
Mini Bath Bombs Stocking Filler Bag
£22.50   £11.25
Gnaw (Made without Gluten) bundle
£11.00   £9.35
Red Clay Face Mask
£10.99   £9.34
Pamper Pack
£15.50   £10.75
Stocking Filler for Teenagers
£13.75   £10.31
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Go For Eco-friendly Gifts

Sustainability has been a popular topic of discussion for many years now. It's important to find products that are environmentally friendly and not harmful, so we should all take care of our shopping habits this season!

Christmas time means holiday parties with family members and/or friends. Time will seem like it flies by without realizing how quickly December comes around again; before long you'll have forgotten what Christmas present was given last year (if anything at all).

Our selection of green gifts is perfect because they're ethical, sustainable, and just as enjoyable as any other gift out there - but you'll be able to enjoy knowing the value it holds rather than feeling guilty about your purchase later on.

We have the perfect gift for green-thumbed people! Our environmentally friendly presents will please any person who loves Mother Nature. They are ethical and earth-conscious, just like we love them to be!

Sustainable & Ethical Gifts for the Women in Your Life

Shopping for the women in your life can be a daunting task. With so many stores and websites to choose from, it's important that you find something they'll love this Christmas season.

We've curated our best selection of gifts for women with every budget and price range - whether is there are looking to treat her like royalty or just make someone smile on their big day! We're confident that our gift selection can please any special someone you may be shopping for - from mum to girlfriend or even wifey-poo (or niece).

So here are a few Christmas gift ideas that are sustainable, environmentally friendly and affordable for all the women you care for and have in your life.

Natural Skincare Products

For gifts that last all year round, natural skincare products are the way to go. Made from pure essential oils, natural ingredients and botanicals they're sure not to cause any harm to your sensitive skin. These handmade soaps and bath bombs make great presents for anyone; whether you need stocking stuffers or a thoughtful gift someone will love this holiday season!

Toasty Gifts

Christmas is the perfect special occasion for a couple to snuggle together. And if you do plan on just cuddling then we highly recommend gifting her Namaste's high quality and stunningly beautiful rainbow coloured throw because it will make any night feel like Christmas Eve!

Reusable Lifestyle Products

The world is at a "tipping point" with its plastic problem. Recycling has become more commonplace, but the use of single-use plastics still needs to be addressed in order for there to ever really be progress.

Fortunately, there are planet-friendly products that are good alternatives to single-use plastics. A good example of these products is a reusable water bottle. Reusable water bottles have become popular in recent years. They're made from sustainable materials like stainless steel, very portable because you can carry them wherever you go and they come in a wide range of styles, sizes, prints and colours.

There’s no better way to keep the women in your life hydrated while on the go than reusable water bottles.

If you're looking for sustainable Christmas gifts for women, you're in the right place!