Eco Friendly Dish Soap

Our eco friendly dish soaps are made with natural ingredients, so you can feel good about what you're putting on your dishes. It's gentle enough to use and it doesn't contain harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances. Plus, they are biodegradable and won't harm animals or the planet, and of course they are all plastic free!

You don't have to compromise when it comes to cleaning your dishes anymore. Our eco friendly dish soaps are made in small batches using natural ingredients that will leave your hands feeling soft after washing up. And these dish soaps have never been tested on animals - ever!

Our natural dish soaps are 100% chemical free, vegan and crulety free and made with all natural ingredients. We use plastic-free packaging that can be recycled to help reduce the amount of waste in our environment, all of these soaps are zero waste. Switching to a natural dish soap will leave your dishes sparkling clean without harming the earth! No more plastic bottles filling up your recyling or bin!

Don't let harmful chemicals come into contact with your family's food or drink - switch now and start using our eco-friendly dish soap! It's time to make an easy change for the betterment of you and your loved ones.

A dish soap bar may be a new step for you, as in recent years dish washing has involved washing up liquid has been that liquid. The problem with liquid is that it comes in plastic containers and contains all sorts of stuff. These biodegradable soap bars will last you months and months and are of course cruelty free. They are safe to be flushed down your drain as they are made from sustainable plant based ingredients. 

To store your soaps you can use a soap dish. We have a wide range of eco friendly soap dishes for you to choose from! Rest assured all of our soaps are palm oil free, use only the finest quality essential oils or are fragrance free, there are no synthetic fragrances used. They are non toxic and you will have one less plastic bottle in your house! We recommend using with a wooden dish brush for the best plastic free experience!

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