Eco Friendly Floss

Discover eco dental floss that is made with natural, vegan ingredients for a cruelty free and environmentally friendly experience. Eco dental floss is an essential when it comes to a natural dental care routine. Teeth need protection from plaque that can lead to cavities which just won't go away on their own do discover our great range today!


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You deserve a dental care routine that's as natural and sustainable as your living habits, so get excited about our plant based floss for an eco flossing experience! Eco dental floss is a fantastic natural choice instead of using plastic floss to use as a weapon to fight plaque and remove debris that could damage teeth. Flossing should be done regularly, with good quality eco-friendly eco floss made from natural ingredients which are kinder on your teeth! Our Plant Based Eco Floss brands include Georganics, Hydrophil, Truthbrush and EcoLiving (which comes in a 2 pack in plant based packaging) and these are ideal to replace your traditional floss options if you want to reduce your plastic waste. These options are great for reducing waste, they come in a single pack or dual pack and there are various sizes so bound to be a pack size to suit your needs.

What dental floss is best for the environment? Is there plastic-free floss?

Eco floss which comes with plastic-free packaging and is plant based & biodegradable. Nylon floss (most floss) takes hundreds of years to decompose, whereas plastic free floss takes months. Traditional dental floss tends to be made from nylon (plastic), is coated in toxic chemicals. It then comes packaged in plastic containers. Plastic pollution is a problem we all have to deal with and your regular floss option may be contributing to that.  Also avoid palm oil based floss which is in many commercial brands, the best floss does not contain oil. Many of the eco floss options include a previously wasted by product and offer refill options. Another easy switch is to move to mouthwash tablets with your zero waste dental floss and natural toothpastes, which tend  to come in a cardboard box or biodegradable packaging so are a better option for your oral care!

Biodegradable Dental Floss Picks

In a world where we are all trying to be more conscious of our impact on the planet, it's important to know which products have a positive environmental impact like biodegradable dental floss and plant based dental lace. Look for floss refills and reusable floss holders such as glass containers. Refillable floss and a reusable floss pick is the best option.

We found that biodegradable silk floss has an incredibly small carbon footprint compared to other types of floss. It takes less than 4 pounds of mulberry leaves (the source material for peace silk) to make one pound of peace silk thread! That means that if every American switched from nylon or polyester flosses to 100% pure silk dental floss, we could save over 1 million trees per year! And since each tree can absorb around 48 pounds CO2 annually, this switch would result in 53 million fewer pounds of carbon dioxide entering our atmosphere. However, this is not a vegan dental floss as it is not plant based. Silk flosses and dental laces are not everyones choice.

Vegan Plastic Free Dental Floss

Many people also want vegan dental floss which is also cruelty free.  Many of our compostable floss products either come in a glass jar or a box made of corn starch as opposed to a plastic box. Organic mint bamboo dental floss is an eco floss that is vegan and is made with organic tea tree oil, to food industry standards. Combined with a bamboo toothbrush with activated charcoal makes a very eco dental routine! Bamboo toothbrushes made with bamboo charcoal are perfect for brushing your teeth and for removing food debris. Look for floss brands  and natural mouthwash which display the vegan logo to look after your pearly whites! 

Vegan floss options include eco floss made from vegan wax, or a plant-based candelilla wax. Corn floss is made from corn starch and peppermint essential oil. An eco based floss is a  simple switch like this will really help our planet and climate change. Whether you opt for natural silk in a glass bottle, home compostable bamboo floss or fair trade biodegradable silk dental floss, avoid anything in plastic packaging! Zero waste floss and floss alternatives look for natural dental flosses which are natural biodegradable as your ecofriendly dental option. Avoid nylon flosses and plastic packaging for the best experience for your teeth and gums! All packaging is compostable or reusable  or Georganics comes in a glass jar so enjoy flossing!

Hydrophil Bamboo Interdental Brushes

Hydrophil Bamboo Interdental Brushes is an environmentally friendly brush that is also the perfect size for getting in between your teeth. These brushes are made of eco-friendly bamboo. They are also water-neutral, vegan and fair trade so you can rest assured that you're doing what's best for your health and using sustainable products. Unlike the typical brush, an interdental brush is designed to go where your toothbrush cannot reach and make sure that spaces in between your teeth stay plaque-free for good. Industrial composting cannot cope with the plastic interdental brushes but can happily deal with bamboo products.

Hydrophil Bamboo Floss Picks

Flossing is normally a hassle. You have to push the floss between your teeth, and when you finally get it in there it gets stuck on something. Not with Hydrophil’s Bamboo Floss Picks. They glide right between your teeth and are so thin that they wrap around any food particles, getting them clean in seconds! With an eco-friendly bamboo handle and BPA free nylon floss, you can feel good about yourself while you’re doing your part to save the environment.

Enjoy safe flossing!

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