Our range of eco kitchen products is made with natural, organic, vegan and ethical materials. We stock a massive selection of different reusable, sustainable and plastic-free kitchen items like beeswax food wraps, reusable food containers, dish soaps and more. All our eco kitchen products come in zero-waste packaging which helps reduce waste and helps in the fight against single-use plastics.

Our mission is simple - we want to help people live a healthier lifestyle by reducing their carbon footprint while also providing them with beautiful kitchen products at an affordable price point. Shop our range of eco-friendly kitchen products today and discover how easy it is to be green!


Eco Kitchen on the GO!

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The best eco kitchenware for plastic free and sustainable living

We all know that using less plastic is good for the environment, but it's hard to avoid single-use plastics and waste. Our planet is in trouble, and we are the ones who can help it.

It's not enough to just say you're going to use less plastic or be more sustainable.  If you care about the environment, but don't want to compromise on style or convenience, then our range of stylish eco kitchen products are for you! 

Our zero waste eco kitchen products range has hand curated a product line of kitchen wares designed with the intention of helping families reduce their footprint by eliminating disposable items from their daily life. Our products are made from recycled materials and are 100% reusable so they can last through generations of family members without creating any waste at all! Our eco kitchen supplies are innovative and stylish products that will help save our planet while also saving you time and money!

How can I make my kitchen eco-friendly?

These days, a lot of people are considering how they can make their kitchens eco-friendly in order to reduce the number of toxins and contaminants that are used in the home. The kitchen is one place you want to be extra careful about what products you use because it's where food is prepared and stored. Here are some ways to get started on your kitchen greening journey!

  • Wash dishes in cool water instead of hot to save energy and help avoid dishpan hands.
  • Use recycled or biodegradable sponges, paper towels, or cloth rags when cleaning up spills instead of using a disposable towel that needs to be thrown out after one use. 
  • Dry dishes with a towel (organic cotton is best!) instead of putting them in the dishwasher to save energy.
  • Purchase glass containers for storing leftovers instead of using plastic, clingfilm or aluminium foil that can leach into your food. Wax wraps are a fantastic plastic free alternative to cling film.
  • For those who are looking for eco-friendly dishwasher liquid alternatives or need natural dish soap, mix two cups of white vinegar and one cup of baking soda. Let it sit for 30 minutes to dissolve before using as your dishwasher detergent. Or buy one of ours!
  • Finally, if you are thinking about purchasing products in glass containers rather than plastic containers for storing food like leftovers or vegetables and fruits, make sure to buy them in reusable packaging. Stainless steel also makes a great food storage option.
  • Swap out plastic sandwich bags for organic cotton food bags.
  • Plastic dish brushes can be replaced with wooden or recycled plastic dish brushes. Wooden are a better option as they are biodegradable so will have a lower carbon footprint.
  • When shopping replace food produce bags with cotton reusable bags.

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