Eco Friendly Makeup

100% Natural,Cruelty-Free and Vegan Makeup

We know it's hard to find eco-friendly beauty products that are also vegan. That's why we've created our collection of cruelty-free cosmetics with formulas that are good for your skin and the environment. Our goal is to provide an affordable option so everyone can have access to green beauty!

You'll never have to compromise on quality or sustainability when shopping with us! With our range of products, we've got something for everyone - from natural foundations and to lip gloss and mascaras. Whether you need everyday essentials or something special for date night, we've got you covered. Browse through our selection of eco friendly makeup today and start making the world more beautiful one lipstick at a time!

Vegan Makeup

The popularity of natural makeup has been rapidly increasing due mostly to consumers' fear about synthetic material and chemical that is usually present in conventional cosmetic items (and rightfully so). Conventional cosmetics and beauty products contain ingredients like parabens which have shown harmful effects on human skin.

Switching over to natural makeup and cosmetics should be more than just an option, it becomes necessary when considering how much healthier these options typically prove. Luckily we're here with a guide of some great recommendations if you want to make the change from your old toxic makeup routine.

Are you ready to Glow with our selection of natural makeup?

We brought you our natural skincare collection and you loved it. Therefore, it only makes sense to add and bring our natural makeup, cosmetics and fragrances to our repertoire.

When looking for organic makeup, it can be difficult to determine which natural cosmetics brands to trust. How do you know if the natural makeup is cruelty-free? What happens if you want to wear vegan natural makeup? When it came to selecting the natural makeup and cosmetics lines to carry, we made sure to cover all of the bases.

The natural makeup and cosmetics products that we have chosen to stock are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Traditional makeup is frequently labelled for specific skin types. However, because our products contain mineral powders and natural ingredients, they will suit any skin type and will actively treat problem skin while providing a natural look.

You can trust us to ensure that we would only stock natural make and cosmetics that are not tested on animals. We have selected products that are certified organic where possible.

Natural Cosmetics

Mineral powders are great for full coverage. Natural makeup and cosmetics based on minerals are highly pigmented while remaining lightweight to wear. It's an excellent foundation that gives the appearance of airbrush makeup. A mineral foundation enhances rather than conceals your natural beauty. Because of the nature of natural cosmetics, you can gradually build-up to the desired level of coverage. You can transition from a no-makeup makeup look to a fully made-up glam look.

Many beauty bloggers and makeup artists use the best natural cosmetics on a daily basis and have a plethora of makeup products at their disposal. They prefer natural cosmetics for their faces and have embraced natural cosmetics.

We have all colours in stock from shade light for porcelain skin to the deepest rich shades for dark skin tones. The liquid foundation has the same shade range available.

We stock tinted moisturizer for natural-looking makeup, mineral powder bronzer for a natural definition to your face, eyeliner, eye shadow, natural mascara, lip gloss, lip balms, lip tint and lip stain. All of these natural cosmetics are free from parabens and are full of organic ingredients.

We even stock makeup remover and natural cloths!

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