Eco-friendly Products for Babies

Choosing eco-friendly natural baby products comes with a whole host of benefits. Of course, they are better for the environment, both in their production methods and the effects of their use, but they are also kinder to babies' delicate skin, safer and kinder to animals.

Here are our top reasons why you should be choosing natural eco-friendly products for the whole family, not just for your baby.

They are Safer for Your Baby

We all absorb over 60% of everything we put on our skin including creams and lotions as well as things we probably don’t think about such as the residue of washing powder that is left on our skin.

There are a number of synthetic ingredients like parabens and SLS that we know are not safe and can have health implications when used on the skin. Many synthetic preservatives are known to cause irritation and some even break down to release small amounts of formaldehyde.

While some babies may react to natural fragrances and other natural ingredients they are far less likely to, and generally essential oils that give fragrance are chosen for their benefits in soothing the skin.

They are Better for The Environment

There are a number of ways in which eco-friendly natural products for babies are better for the environment. In terms of toiletries, many products are made from synthetic ingredients that are mined from the ground and/or take vast amounts of energy to produce.

Synthetic ingredients can also disrupt ecosystems if they get into the water system or seep into the soil whereas natural plant-based ingredients do not have this effect.

It is always worth considering where products are made and where their ingredients have come as flying natural products around the world is not that environmentally friendly either.

They are Animal Friendly

In general eco-friendly products are not tested on animals although you should always check to make sure this is the case. Many eco-friendly natural products are also made without the use of animal products although that is not true of all products with beeswax being a popular ingredient and lanolin often being used by breastfeeding mothers.

They are Gentle for Your Skin

In general natural products tend to be gentler on the skin. In particular, natural foaming agents are much less likely to cause drying or irritation. Babies are also more likely to have a reaction to harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients are their skin is more sensitive.

In contrast to cheap synthetic products, natural baby products tend to be packed with beneficial ingredients that will nourish and protect babies' skin as they grow. And because much of what we put on our skin is absorbed many beneficial ingredients will be absorbed into the bloodstream as well.


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