Eco Friendly Products

Are you looking for eco-friendly products?

We have the perfect range of eco-friendly products that will make it easy to live a more sustainable lifestyle. From living without plastics, or going all out on sustainable toiletries and household goods, we have what is needed to help you reduce your carbon footprint and lead a healthier life. Our range includes reusable water bottles, sustainable toiletries and household goods. All of these products are made with the environment in mind so you can feel good about what you're using every day! Plus they make great gifts for everyone on any special occasion.


Reduce your plastic waste by making sustainable lifestyle choices in and around the home. Reusable coffee cups, stainless steel straws and water bottles are just a few things you can do to make a real difference in our environment. Reduce your environmental impact with reusable and environmentally friendly products at home or on the go! Plastic-free, chemical-free items like natural deodorants will help you reduce plastics from entering landfills while encouraging an eco friendly and lifestyle.

If you're looking to live a more sustainable lifestyle, we've got your back! Our top sustainable and environmentally friendly products will help make the transition easy and affordable. Simply replace single-use plastic with products that are high quality and made from natural materials like bamboo or hemp.

When you start to think about how much of an impact plastic pollution has on the environment, it can seem overwhelming. You might feel like there is nothing that will make a difference in your everyday life.

But we offer sustainable and eco friendly swaps for many common items including toothbrushes and shower gels! These eco friendly everyday items all have great benefits such as reducing environmental impacts while saving money or making our lives easier. So don't go replacing things until they're broken, consider these instead next time you need to replace them!

Plastic Free Lunches

Make plastic sandwich bags and cling film a thing of the past with our range of reusable sandwich wraps, snack bags and insulated food flasks.

Abeego wax wraps are perfect for covering leftovers in the fridge or taking your sandwiches to work. While Boc'n'Roll reusable sandwich wraps not only keep your sandwiches of baguettes fresh and tasty but they double as a handy place mat when you are out and about.

Stainless steel lunch boxes are perfect for both food storage at home and taking food with you when you're out and about. And we love the insulated lunch bags for fresh and delicious food on the go without having to buy it.

Reusable Coffee Cups and Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Buy yourself a reusable coffee cup and a stainless steel water bottle and you'll never have to buy bottled water or throw away another takeaway cup. You have to remember to take these sustainable products with you though to make them earn their green credentials.

Reusable Shopping Bags

With the charge of carrier bags, more and more people are taking their shopping bags with them when they shop. Our range of natural or recycled sustainable shopping bags includes fair trade heavy-duty jute bags to use for the weekly shop, stylish and lightweight bags made from recycled plastic bottles, and produce bags that at perfect for fruit, veg, bread and more.

These eco friendly bags are both practical and pretty so make wonderful gifts for teachers and friends.

Make Your Bathroom Plastic Free

We have a huge range of natural health and beauty care products that will make sustainable living in the bathroom easy.

  • Natural deodorant that's plastic free and kind to your skin. We stock a great range of brands so there's something for everyone.

  • Bamboo toothbrushes are an easy switch that will make a huge difference over the years.

  • Our natural soap and shampoo bars are plastic free and great value for money. Plus they are made from gentle natural ingredients so they are suitable for the whole family.

  • Care for your skin with nourishing natural creams that come in glass jars.

Products for Kids

Encourage children to make sustainable choices from a young age and you will set them up with good habits for life.

Choose Green Toys made from recycled milk bottles, get them their very own water bottle and lunch bag for waste-free snacks and picnics, and encourage them to understand the importance of recycling, cutting down on plastic pollution.

Using reusable cloth wipes rather than baby wipes will save you money over time as well as saving precious natural resources.

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