Eco Friendly Toothbrush

Say goodbye to plastic toothbrushes forever!

Do you know how many plastic toothbrushes are out there? BILLIONS! and every single one of them is still out intact somewhere polluting the planet. You can help fight this problem by switching to a natural bamboo, beechwood or cornstarch toothbrush instead. These sustainable alternatives are made from renewable resources so they won't last forever like those made from plastics. 

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Zero Waste Starter Kit - Adult Dental Care
Toothbrush Case Adult
Biodegradable Cornstarch Toothbrush - Twin Pack
Truthbrush Medium Castor Oil Bristles
Kids Wooden Toothbrush
Wooden Toothbrush - Beechwood Toothbrush
Adult Bamboo ToothBrush
Denttabs Kids Bamboo ToothBrush
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Bamboo Carbon Toothbrush With Charcoal Bristles - SOFT
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Bamboo Junior Toothbrush with Bamboo Bristles (Extra Soft)

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Plus, these brushes have been proven to be just as effective at cleaning your teeth as their plastic counterparts! Shop the best eco friendly toothbrushes here at Baba Me!


Environmentally Sustainable Toothbrushes

If you’re looking to swap your plastic toothbrush or electric toothbrush for something more eco friendly then we suggest checking out our bamboo toothbrush range which is made from Moso bamboo. We also have other eco friendly and sustainable toothbrushes that are also made from natural materials like biodegradable beechwood and cornstarch. Cornstarch and bamboo toothbrushes will biodegrade in either your home or commercial compost. You can choose between soft-bristle or medium bristles from our range of eco friendly toothbrushes. And they are just as good at cleaning your teeth.

We have some of the best bamboo toothbrush from popular brands like Truthbrush, Curanatura, NFco and Jack N' Jill. These toothbrushes are eco friendly, plastic free and feature a bamboo handle with nylon bristles mixed with bamboo dust. Some have charcoal bristles or bristles made from castor oil which are just as effective in removing plaque and food debris from teeth and gums. They are completely waste free because most of them come in recyclable packaging.

Zero Waste Bathroom

Having a zero-waste bathroom is a good start to sustainable and eco friendly living. And that's why we at Baba Me HQ love the best bamboo toothbrushes and using a biodegradable toothbrush! They're the perfect sustainable alternative to plastic toothbrushes.

What Can I Use Instead of a Plastic Toothbrush?

Bamboo is quick growing so it is a sustainable source of wood. Our bamboo toothbrush collection is proving to be popular. Charcoal infused bristles will help remove stains and protect against bad breath.

When you are finished with the brush, snap off the biodegradable bamboo handle and it can be composted, used in the garden as plant support or name marker or repurposed for use as a small scrubbing brush until the bristles are no longer usable.

Most people don't realise it, but billions of plastic toothbrushes are thrown away and never recycled every day because they can't be broken down into their components for reuse. In fact, In the UK alone there are 200 million plastic toothbrushes are discarded every year!

And while some may argue that disposables are recyclable, the thing is that a major reason they're not recycled in the UK today is that most of them are made from polypropylene (PP), which can't be broken down into its basic components and reused.

A plastic toothbrush with plastic handles or bristles will end up clogging our landfills for eternity. Whilst a bamboo toothbrush is made from a natural, sustainable resource that biodegrades in soil.

Why Should You Switch?

There are so many reasons to ditch plastic toothbrushes for their biodegradable counterparts like a bamboo toothbrush. The first and very obvious reason is plastic pollution. Plastic takes a hundred years to break down which means every toothbrush you owned still exist.

Making eco friendly swaps can be difficult for others which is why the bathroom is a good place to start ditching plastic products for their zero-waste alternatives. Unlike their plastic counterparts, eco friendly toothbrushes like a bamboo toothbrush are biodegradable and sustainable.

Bamboo is often the go-to material by eco-brands because of its sustainability and renewability. Bamboo as a tree does not require artificial irrigation and chemicals like pesticides. Once your eco friendly toothbrush made from sustainable bamboo reaches the end of its life, you can simply toss the bamboo biodegradable handle into your compost bin. Make sure to remove the bristles beforehand.

In addition to this, the manufacturing process for traditional disposable brushes requires a lot of resources and toxic chemicals are created as waste products during the production phase.

On top of all these negative aspects about plastic toothbrushes, they're even more damaging when it comes down to the health of humans and animals, as they often contain BPA (a chemical that mimics estrogen) which is known to cause a wide range of different types of adverse effects on our endocrine system.

If you like to buy packs of toothbrushes, the NFCO twin pack of brushes is a good set for you. The handles are made of cornstarch, this is biodegradable and will reduce to a chalk-like stick within a year of being put into a home compost. This reduces to 90 days in commercial compost. Nylon is the material for the bristle and nylon is recyclable so make sure to put it into your recycle bin.

Personal care products that are made from natural and sustainable materials and ingredients are becoming more popular each year because many people want to reduce their plastic waste. Some of these products even come in plastic-free packaging, which helps reduce plastic waste even further.

For Adults & Little Kids

The best bamboo toothbrush is not only for adults, but it's also for little children and the whole family. It has a nice balance and is easy to use when you have to clean your children's teeth. For children's oral care, their toothbrushes should have soft bristles and a small brush head to fit around their growing mouths. It is recommended you should change your toothbrushes every 6 weeks so it is vital to make the switch to a sustainable alternative.

It is recommended that parents clean their children's teeth until around age seven. This is easiest done if you sit with your child on your lap and their head is resting on your shoulder. You can easily reach around their whole mouth with their toothbrush. They can finish the job or start it but you are responsible for getting all of the surfaces completely clean for them.