Eco Gifts for Her

We have an amazing range of eco friendly gifts which are zero waste and perfect as a present. Our products include bath bombs, soaps, natural candles and more! All our items are made from natural & sustainable ingredients and come in plastic free packaging. Whether it's Mother's Day or her birthday, we know how hard it is to pick out the perfect gift. That's why we've handpicked some of our favorite items just for you! That means you can feel good about giving these amazing gifts because they're ethically sourced from sustainable sources and most of them are handcrafted in small batches.

The importance of sustainable shopping should never be overlooked, but it is especially important during special occasions and holidays. When you consider all the additional waste generated from excess packaging and gift wraps, it's only fair to go for something more sustainable and eco-friendly. A sustainable gift, maybe packaged in a gift bag made from recycled bottles will be your gift for future generations. Taking of bottles, a reusable water bottle is a fantastic gift and much better than plastic bottles so sustainability!

Your loved one will love a great gift, even more, when they know it's zero waste eco gifts. Whether it's organic cotton reusable cotton pads or a green eco gift from nature, we have all the nest planet-friendly brands. We've done all the hard work sourcing a fantastic eco range at the best value for money, so you can relax and shop your search is over! Much of our eco-friendly gifts are recycled or when it comes to food they are based in compost-based packaging. Our natural skincare is plant-based and features the best essential oils, best for you and the environment.

Babame is committed to providing sustainable, fairly traded products that don't compromise on function or style and help the community that create them. Our selection of ethical gifts for her that are all handpicked with the same care and consideration we apply to our other products. We've selected a variety of handmade goods for her from artisans around the world who use recycled materials in their work and empower women by giving them jobs they wouldn't otherwise have access to. From jewellery to a woven basket, our fairly traded products help everyone!

We have the perfect gifts for all of your giving needs! From sweet-smelling soaps to tasty treats, we've got you covered. We offer a variety of products that range from body care sets and teas to garden-themed accessories. Whatever kind of woman in your life is looking for something festive this holiday season or for any special occasion, our lovely selection offers it all!

Discover a world of beautiful new creations which make ideal eco friendly gifts. A new vegan food wrap, or natural soap for a divine new sustainable wash routine! Our website is full of tips and suggestions from hand cream to candles for a glowing scented light. We have a wide range in stock and of course, our packing is recycled or recyclable.

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