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Eco Living

Eco Living is a UK brand of sustainable products which help us all reduce the single-use plastic in our lives.

Eco Living has eco-friendly home products to get you started towards a greener and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Our selection includes everything from the dish washing soap and wooden brushes, to their biodegradable plastic free cotton buds have all been thought through thoroughly to ensure they are as ecofriendly as possible. We also have silicone straws that are reusable so you can take it wherever you go. Most of the products are UK or European made, and come with recycled or ecofriendly packaging, further reducing environmental waste.

Most conventional dish soaps contain nasty chemicals like SLS, triclosan, ammonia, formaldehyde and many other petrochemicals. Unlike these conventional soaps, their washing soap does not contain any of the aforementioned chemicals because it is made from organic plant-based materials that are good on the environment and your hands. Itís made from organic coconut oil, sodium carbonate, glycerin and coconut oil derived sodium cocoyl glutamate. This ecofriendly soap is tough on dish stains but gentle on your hands.

Use washing soap sparingly. Itís a concentrated bar and just a small amount is needed to get the cleaning job done. Donít worry if the soap does not produce bubbles. Keep dry in-between use and store either on a soap dish or rack.