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Princess Stories and Toys

Little girls love pretending to be princesses and playing with princess toys. But just because they love the sparkles and the dresses doesn’t mean they plan on waiting around a castle to be rescued by a prince or knight.

Today we want to empower our daughters to dream their dreams and realise they can be whatever they want to be, and they can do it all while wearing a tutu if they choose to. And that starts by empowering them while they play.

The likelihood is your little princess would rather be slaying dragons or even riding them than being captured or kept prisoner by them. And she may well have plans to save the kingdom single-handedly, no prince in sight.

One of the best ways to change the outdated stereotypes associated with princesses is to start telling our children more empowering princess stories. Thankfully there are now plenty more empowered princesses in books and films. And we even have some pretty empowered real-life princesses.

Because the truth is that princesses can do anything they like. They can think for themselves and there’s no chance they’ll be waiting around for a prince.

Books Featuring An Empowered Princess

There are loads of great books that have a different take on the traditional princess including The Paper Bag Princess who outsmarts the dragon and saves the prince all while wearing a paper bag. The princess knight who wins the jousting tournament and earns the respect of the princes. Or Don’t Kiss the Frog, an anthology of princess stories about princesses that are sleepy, sporty, clumsy, brave, resourceful and curious.

These stories that switch up who’s doing the saving and question traditional roles are great for teaching our little princesses and princes question the status quo and think for themselves. Which are valuable skills not just for playing princess games.

For slightly older little princesses The Secret Lives of Princesses is a great book that looks at princesses from all over the world including African and Indian Princesses, Native American Princesses, Latina, Asian and Anglo Saxon Princesses.

Movies with Empowered Princesses

Long gone are the days when traditional Disney princess movies were the only ones available. Moana is the daughter of a tribal leader who follows the call of the ocean to travel across the seas and save her people against all odds using all her charm as well as some pretty impressive skills.

In Brave Merida rebels against the traditional roles of the princess. She’s got no desire to practise etiquette and posture; she'd rather be shooting arrows and proves she’s better at it than any of the boys.

And of course little girls love frozen, and it’s certainly a great example of a full-on Disney movie with all the beauty you’d expect from a princess but with two female lead characters.

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