Encouraging Your Child to Engage in Lacing and Beading

Arts and crafts activities like lacing and beading can have a positive impact on child development in many ways. There are many reasons why these activities will make your child capable of doing better in school when they become older.

Creative activities also help the child to be more creative and imaginative. They can be used for both developmental skills as well as social skills.

If your child is not into creative activities, that’s okay. Forcing him to engage in such activities is counter productive. Don’t worry there are few things you can do to get your child interested in creative activities like lacing and beading.

Learn your child’s likes and dislikes

Your child likes and dislikes is something every parent should pay attention to. Knowing what makes your child laugh or smile or what upsets them will guide on what toys to buy or what activities to organise for your child.

One of the things you can do to know your child’s interests is to partake in her activities and playtime. You can use your child’s playtime as a bonding moment.

Most children go through phases when they obsess on something. It could be anything from fairy tales, animals, trains or dolls. You can use your child’s interests to her into arts and craft activities like lacing and beading.

There are many craft supplies that come in specific themes. For instance, Djeco has a few selection of themed lacing and beading supplies. Their Wooden Butterfly Beads are perfect for little kids that love butterflies and other flying insects. Likewise their Do It Yourself Magic Wands is a good lacing activity for children who love magic and fairies.

Lead by example

Many children are highly impressionable and when they get to a certain they start to imitate their parents. When children see you engage in arts and crafts like lacing and beading, you might get them to partake in the activity.

Do projects together

Doing projects will also encourage your children to engage in creative activities like lacing and beading. It would be a fun bonding moment between you and child together.

You can ask your child what project she wants to do. You can go on a trip to the hobby shop and let her pick the supplies that you need for completing the project.

Encourage your child to come up with different ideas for your project. Create a risk-free environment that allows her to express herself more freely and explore different artistic and creative ideas.

And don’t forget to give your child a compliment every time she completes a project. It helps build her confidence and self-esteem. It will also encourage her to continue doing projects with you.

Make the activity fun and exciting

You can make creative activities like beading and lacing fun and exciting by keeping them everything new and fresh. Once you’re done with one project, choose something that is entirely new. You can also incorporate mini-games and simple challenges like who gets to complete a bracelet with beads first will be declared the winner.


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