Ergonomic Baby Carriers By Tula


Ergonomic carriers by Tula offer so many benefits for babies and caregivers. They allow for hands-free carrying, they offer proper positioning to support babies development of the hips, spine and head, and support brain development through eye contact and talking to your baby more. For mothers they support breastfeeding, allowing you to nurse on the go. And they really do support happy parents and happy babies by encouraging the release of oxytocin that improves mood and helps with bonding. It’s even been shown that babywearing is linked to babies crying less.

Tula make a range of ergonomic baby carriers that are carefully designed to ensure they are safe for baby and allow them to be carried in a fully supported way. They allow for M shape carrying where babies knees are higher than their hips and they are fully supported in the cradle of the carrier. They also allow for the spine, neck and head to be supported.

Proper ergonomic positioning is vital for spreading babies weight while they are in an upright position making sure weight is spread between the hips and legs rather than being carried by the spine.

It is also worth noting that carrying babies in an upright position can also help to reduce the chance of suffering from plagiocephaly, a flattening of babies head, which can occur if babies spend to many of their waking hours on their backs.

Tula Standard Ergonomic Baby Carrier

The standard Tula Carrier is one of the best-known baby carriers on the market. It’s perfect for babywearing from around 6 months although it can be used from 3.5kg if you buy the separate newborn infant insert.

The important thing when deciding if your child is big enough to transition from a stretchy wrap or to use the carrier without the insert is to ensure that the fabric isn’t too wide and doesn’t extend past their knees as it will not be ergonomic if the legs can’t swing freely from the knees.

Babies also need to be long enough that the fabric doesn’t come higher than the nape of the neck, and in older children, you should move up to the toddler carrier if the back fabric is below the armpits.

The padded adjustable shoulder straps and waistband are fastened with buckles making this a really simple carrier to wear and great for sharing between caregivers. It also features a small pocket in the waistband for carrying a card if you are going to shops, and a detachable hood, perfect for protecting little heads from the sun.

The standard Tula can be used for front and back carries.

Tula Free to Grow Ergonomic Baby Carrier

The Tula free to grow baby carrier is suitable from birth to approximately 3.5 years without an insert thanks to its clever adjustable design. The soft lightweight cotton is also a good option for warmer babies or carers as it is slightly cooler than the standard Tula.

There are two height settings and three width settings making this a great option for babies all the way through to toddlers with no need to buy a second carrier to continue your babywearing journey.

Tula Toddler Ergonomic Baby Carrier

This carrier is perfect if you want to be able to carry toddlers for longer and is especially great for avoiding taking pushchairs out with you even when you know little legs might get tired.

The Toddler Tula is designed to be ergonomic for toddlers still providing comfort and support allowing you to carry them up to 60lbs (27kg) and can be used from 25lb (11kg) so long as your child fits in age 2-3 trousers as the fabric is quite wide to accommodate older toddlers.

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