Essential Baby Items for the First 3 Months

For someone so tiny babies seem to need a fair amount of stuff, or a huge amount of stuff depending on whose advice you are taking. We have a look at some essential baby items for the first three months so you can get a head start in planning and buying for your new arrival.


Nappies are certainly an essential item. You have a number of options when it comes to nappies, either reusable or disposable, and if you choose reusable different nappy systems depending on your needs and preferences. Some nappy systems work from birth while in others you will need special newborn nappies for the first few weeks or months.

Bear in mind that the size of your baby when they are born may determine whether or not you need to buy newborn nappies and how long you will be using them. So it might be worth getting a couple of packets of eco-friendly disposables and waiting till baby arrives before you make that decision.


When it comes to sleeping there are lots of different options and lots of advice that may or may not choose to take. Plenty of babies do fine in a cot from birth, others use a co-sleeper attached to the side of the bed and others just sleep in with mum and dad. The decision you make should be yours but making sure you have somewhere safe for the baby to sleep is pretty essential.

Sleeping bags are a safe and effective way to keep babies cosy while they sleep and much less likely to get kicked off or ruffled up than blankets. And depending on the size of your house and the thickness of the walls you might also want a baby monitor so you can have peace of mind when you’re not in the same room while they sleep.


What you need for feeding very much depends on whether you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding and you might not know that before the baby arrives. Having a bottle can be a good idea even if you are breastfeeding as you never know when you might end up needing to express. Whereas you will need lots of bottles and a supply of formula if you intend to bottle feed.

Muslins are a good option either way. As are dribble bibs.


There are a number of travel essentials you will need to move around with your baby in the first three months. Number 1 is a car seat, as without one you can’t legally or safely travel in a car. And for many people, this is essential for getting home after birth.

As well as a car seat you are also likely to want a carrier and or a pram or pushchair. Many travel systems allow you to clip the car seat directly onto the base of the pram which is very handy if you use the car often, especially if they fall asleep and you quickly need to nip into the shops. However many people find they much prefer using a carrier as it’s lighter and easy to carry around with you and much easier to move around with. Plus many find that babies are happier being carried than they are in a pram.


Finally you are also going to need some way of bathing your baby. Many parents find bathing in the sink is good for the first few months while others like to bathe with their little ones. Others might prefer to use a baby bath or bath support. A thermometer can be handy although not essential. And you will want to choose a super gentle and natural baby shampoo for washing.


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