Ethical Gifts Under £10

The best ethical gifts for under £10

Protecting the planet and respecting the people who make the products we buy doesn’t have to break the bank. We should all be trying to reduce the amount of waste we create and non-renewable resources we use. Gift-giving is no exception.

If you want to keep your gifts ethical but are shopping on a budget we have some ideas for babies, children, teachers, friends, great aunts and crazy uncles.

Great gifts for under £10

Buying gifts can be tough on a budget.

Many people buy gifts for teachers as they play such an important role in our children's lives and yet you probably don’t want to spend much more than a tenner. Mugs are a traditionally popular gift for teachers and we love the GoSip rice husk travel mugs as they come in loads of great designs.

If you feel like your child’s teacher probably has enough mugs there are plenty of other great ethical ideas that don’t cost the earth and work for anyone not just teachers.

  • Natural soy wax candles make a great gift and unlike bath or body products you don’t have to worry about sensitive skin or whether they have a bath or not.
  • Socks! Everyone needs socks and Thought’s ethical bamboo socks come in such a great range of designs that there’s bound to be a style that’s perfect for your favourite teacher.
  • Seed balls make fantastic gifts for teachers. There’s obviously the thanks for helping me grow angle, but we also love the fact that they can be used with the children if they don’t happen to have a garden at home. And all their mixes are designed to attract pollinators.
  • Jute bags make great presents for teachers as they can be used to carry books, supplies or just their lunch to school each day.

Eco-friendly gifts for kids

So many children’s toys are made from plastic, and more often than not gifts only get played with for a short time before ending up broken or left in the toy box never to be loved again.

Second-hand toys make great eco-friendly gifts and you can often pick up great bargains in charity shops or on local selling pages. And not buying new stuff is about as eco-friendly as it gets.

However it’s not always easy to find the perfect gift second hand, you have to get lucky, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy ethically on a budget. We only stock toys from brands that meet high ethical standards.

Puzzles make great gifts for kids of all ages (and grownups for that matter). They are both educational and fun and come in so many great designs that children love them. Djeco make amazing puzzles with great pictures and Goula make some gorgeous puzzles for little ones.

Wooden animals are also a great choice as they can be played with in many ways and collected over time. We also love the idea of story sacks that incorporate their favourite animal for a really thoughtful gift.

Traditional family games like snakes and ladders, ludo, dominos and balancing games also make great gifts. We love the big jigs snakes and ladders and their weather balancing games, both of which are under £10 making them ethical great party gifts.

And if you are up for spending more then £10 we have some more amazing ideas for ethical baby gifts here.


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