Ethical Homewares

Our products are designed with sustainability in mind, so they won't harm our environment or the people who live in it. They're also ethically sourced from suppliers who share our values of environmental responsibility and social justice.

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy beautiful things without harming themselves or others. Our products are made from natural materials such as bamboo, cork and wool, which means they're perfect for those who want to live in harmony with nature.  Browse through our website today and see what we have to offer!

How can I decorate my home sustainably?

When we think of living a more eco friendly lifestyle, we often think of cleaning products, water bottles or reusable straws. However, we can go eco friendly inside our house as well, with many homeware brands now recognising how sustainable homeware is not just a fashion trend. Conscious consumerism has driven more homeware brands to realise that ethical homewares are important and sustainable homeware is vital for our planet.

Fair Trade Homeware - From hand-knitted handmade cushions to handmade candles. We've selected the finest fairtrade and eco-friendly home items like throws, recycled homeware, Fairtrade accessories and natural fragrance. All ethically sourced and uniquely stylish. Social enterprise creates sustainable employment is made in many countries where traditional crafts are used to make gorgeous modern homeware, often with timeless design.

We don't believe that living an ethical lifestyle should mean compromising on style or function. So all our Fairtrade eco-friendly home products are of the highest quality. Many are handcrafted from recycled or reclaimed materials and all of them are contributing to sustainable livelihoods abroad. Our home accessories leave no carbon footprint as our brands use local, often the waste product. Lifestyle products, whether organic or plastic-free, help artisans the world over. As we all seek to help our planet and reduce our carbon footprint, sustainable decoration can help us to have a positive impact. We are seeing consumers realise that fast fashion does not just apply to clothes, but also the objects in our house.

Fair Trade Ethical Homeware Using Natural Materials

We want to make eco-living as easy as possible. That's why we've added so much to the wooden toys, reusable nappies and slings that our customers know and love. Whether you are shopping for an ethical gift or looking to treat yourself to quality scented candles to make up the free postage, we have some beautiful eco-friendly home items for every room.

Soft furnishings

Blankets and throw pillows are the perfect gifts or the perfect way to update your look and add colour and style to a room. A chunky knit throw with complementing cable knit cushions might be just what you need to cosy up a garden room. We love all things rainbow at Baba Me so we couldn't resist the Pachamama Hoxton Throw. Handknitted and fleece-lined it's incredibly warm and cosy. And the washable recycled throws made out of recycled PET bottles are great for indoor and outdoor use. fair trade furniture.

Himalayan salt lamps

Babame's lighting section has some intricately patterned paper lampshades as well as a great range of Himalayan crystal salt lamps. The positive ions released by the natural crystal rock of these table lamps are reputed to have all sorts of air purifying and health benefits, ranging from women's health to seasonal affective disorder, allergies and helping you sleep. The salt crystals act as an air purifier by absorbing water molecules that are then released without the impurities, thus removing allergens from the air and increasing air quality.


Delve into our bowls and boxes to find the perfect storage solution for every room in the house. These are eco-friendly home products that are made from sustainable materials. We have canvas toy boxes, sturdy baskets with metal frames, and ReSpiin handwoven jute and seagrass bowls, perfect for sitting on top of fairtrade furniture and storing toys and trinkets.

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