Everything You Need to Know About Shampoo Bars

shampoo bar

Know more about shampoo bars and why you should be using them instead of chemical-laden regular shampoo.

Instead of the conventional liquid form, shampoo bars are shampoos in solid bar form. Regular shampoos are chemical-laden filled with nasty chemicals like parabens and other harsh chemicals that strip our hair off with its natural moisture. On the other hand, shampoo bars are made from natural ingredients like pure essentials oils and botanicals that are usually cruelty-free. They come either scented or unscented. Additionally, shampoo bars come in eco-friendly packaging too! Most of these shampoo bars come in cardboard boxes that are recycled or biodegradable. When using a shampoo bar, you can keep your hair healthy while looking out for our environment.

Interestingly, shampoo bars have been around for many years but only now that people start using them. This is due in part to initiatives of various international environment focused organisations and local governments. Raising awareness of how chemicals and ingredients found in personal care products affect our bodies and the environment has encouraged many people to make the switch to natural personal care products like shampoo bars.

What are the benefits of shampoo bars and how to use one?

Surprisingly, a small shampoo bar can last up to 80 washes which is equivalent to 2 bottles of regular liquid shampoo. Furthermore, shampoo bars are convenient to bring along with you when you travel thanks to their small form factor. Also, due to their solid state, you do not have to worry about leaks and spills.

There are 3 types of solid shampoo bars; glycerin-based, cold-processed and solid surfactants. Glycerin-based shampoo bars are the most gentle but these solid shampoos donít create much lather. Cold-processed shampoo bars are usually homemade and may contain higher pH levels than other shampoo bars which make them the perfect shampoo bar for conditioning damaged hair. Solid surfactants shampoo bars are ideal to be used with hard water and they are great for removing any dirt build up in the hair. These shampoo bars generally contain essential oils that are fantastic at keeping your hair soft, shiny and clean. Choose what is best for your hair with all the variations available. If you still do not know right shampoo bar for your hair, do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer of the solid shampoo bar and ask them questions about their products.

It is good to know that these shampoo bars are infused with pure essential oils and botanicals that nourish our hair with nutrients to bring back its luster, lock in moisture and help keep your scalp dandruff-free.

There are even solid shampoo bars that help in regrowing hair like Three Hills Soapís Solid Shampoo Maca. And for oily hair, we highly recommend Lamazunaís Solid Shampoo Bar which has a wild herb scent. This shampoo bar does a good job at absorbing sebum from the hair while nourishing the scalp.

Environment Friendly

Solid shampoo bars are popular among people who practice a green and sustainable lifestyle. These eco-friendly personal care products help reduce our plastic waste and reliance on plastics in general. The fact that shampoo bars are made from natural ingredients and are packaged using recycled cardboard already make them better than their bottled counterparts.

Moreover, you are less likely to buy shampoo bars because they last as many as 80 washes which means they can outlast a few bottles of liquid shampoo. The less you buy any product, the less energy is being spent in making any product.

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