Fair Trade Chocolate

We want you to enjoy your favourite treat without feeling guilty because we know how important it is for us all to do our part in helping others get ahead too. So when you buy fair trade chocolates, know that you are supporting sustainable farming practices and giving back to those who need it most. You deserve an amazing experience with every bite!

What are fair trade chocolates?

Fair trade chocolates are made from cacao produced from some of the impoverished regions of the world. While chocolate is one of the world’s most favourite foods, cocoa farmers are paid so little for such a large amount of work in producing top quality cacao. Farmers have to protect trees from bad weather conditions, diseases and insects because cocoa is such a sensitive and delicate crop. And the Fairtrade organization is trying to change all that, and for the better.

Fairtrade is a movement that aims to help farmers and workers in developing countries. It's about making sure everyone gets a fair deal, so they can have the same opportunities as people in other parts of the world. And it's not just about money-it's also about getting better prices for crops, more secure jobs and fairer terms of trade.

In 1994, Green & Black's Maya Gold became the first fairtrade certified product in the UK so fair trade chocolates have been available on the market for more than 2 decades. Fair trade chocolatier makers have already made strides towards improving the lives of cocoa farmers. Most of these companies pay above market price for cacao produce even though cacao prices have plummeted over the years and that's on top of the fair trade premium to invest in local cocoa farmer communities.

Why should we buy fairtrade chocolates?

Aside from knowing that buying fair trade chocolates help improve the lives of cocoa farmers from around the world, most fair trade chocolates are cocoa that were grown free from harmful chemicals like insecticides and herbicides. Furthermore, fair trade chocolates are usually produced in small batches by chocolate artisans and contain higher amounts of pure cocoa than their mass produced counterparts. They are pretty delicious too even if these fair trade chocolates contain less sugar! So the next time you have a chocolate craving, don’t forget to grab one of those fair trade chocolates available on the market. You will be having a wonderful time for yourself all the while helping cocoa farmers improve their lives.

From single estate pure cacao that gives a whole new meaning to chocolate tasting to some pretty imaginative flavour combinations there’s fair trade chocolates here for everyone. And of course there are some really divine fair trade chocolates gifts for any occasion that's a little bit special.

If you are looking for hiqh quality and ethically produced fair trade chocolates, look no further than our collection of scrumptious and delectable fair trade chocolates from some of the world's best chocolate makers from Tony's Chocoloney, to Cocoa Loco and Gnaw, we have a fabulous wide ra

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