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fair trade tea

Fair Trade Tea

Enjoy the perfect cuppa with our great range of fair trade tea.

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Page 1 of 1:    6 Items

What is a fairtrade tea?

Fair trade tea refers to any tea that is ethically produced by fairtrade partners. Fairtrade has advocated fairtrade practices in tea production for over 2 decades and has made strides towards improving the lives of small scale tea farmers and tea workers.

Tea is the second most popular drink after water and while tea production has its roots at least in the colonial times, there has only been gradual improvements since. The overwhelming majority of teas are mass produced by large companies that own large tea plantations and estates in impoverished regions. Tea workers from these tea producers have little to no leverage to negotiate better pay and working conditions. Small scale tea farmers canít compete with these large companies and as a result they end up in a cycle of dependence and poverty. Tea is a highly perishable produce and needs to be processed within 24 hours from harvesting and most of these tea farmers do not own tea factories so they don't have a choice but to sell their freshly-plucked tea leaves for below market price.

Fairtrade has recognized these challenges and taking them head on. They have partnered with organizations and small communities around the world to improve the living and working conditions of small scale tea farmers and tea workers. Fairtrade tea farmers receive fairtrade minimum price for their tea produce as a safety net for when tea prices plummet which can devastate their livelihood. They also receive a fairtrade premium for every tea that is sold which goes straight to their communal funds to invest in social infrastructures like schools, better water supply, health care and many more.

Fairtrade has also worked with various international organizations and coalitions to address the poor working conditions and low wages in the tea industry. They have collaborated with several organizations to set a minimum wage for tea workers that is enough for them to feed their families. Fairtrade has also opened countless business opportunities for small scale tea producers to reach a wider market for their produce.

Our Fairtrade Tea Collection

Choose from a wide selection of high quality fairtrade teas from popular brands like Eco Living, Cuppanut, Hoogly and Tea Huggers. We have the popular English breakfast tea from Hoogly, organic tea from Eco Living or premium herbal tea from Tea Huggers. There are so many blends to choose from you'll be able to have a different cup of fair trade tea for every time of the day. Each fair trade tea is beautifully packaged and ethically sourced.