Fantastic Fire Station Toys

The Best Fire Station Toys for Children

A fire engine toy is often top of the wish list for many kids, adding a fire station just adds to the excitement and makes the fire engine so much more fun to play with.

Fire stations are perfect for encouraging small world play, and we love the fact that they offer many of the same developmental benefits as playing with a dolls house, making them a great option for children that just aren’t that into dolls.

We offer a great selection of fire station toys that have a real wow factor for kids and will be played with for years. Plus they all come from our carefully selected ethical suppliers so you know you are getting the highest quality and that sustainable materials have been used.

Green Toys Fire Station

Green toys make an amazing range of plastic toys from post-consumer recycled milk cartons making them a great ethical choice if you are wanting to buy plastic toys. And while we stock far more wooden toys than plastic we do love the fact that these toys can be used outside in the mud or the sandpit, taken to the beach and even played with in the bath.

The Green Toys Fire Station set comes with a fire truck and a firefighter figure and is a perfect set for little ones.

Big Jigs Fire Station and Engine

Next on the list is the Big Jigs Fire Station and Engine. This is a complete playset and has a real wow factor. The Fire station has so many features including big double story doors, a fireman’s pole, and a training tower complete with removable ladders.

The set also comes with a fire engine and four firefighters so it has everything you need to start playing and is fantastic value for money.

The fire engine toy that comes with it isn’t the same as the city fire engine which you can buy separately but it still has a movable ladder and a retractable hose for putting out fires.

Tidlo Fire Station

Finally we love the Tidlo Fire Station which you can purchase on its own if you already have a fire engine and firefighters or as a bundle with the Tidlo engine and figures. This is a really well built high-quality station that will survive years of play. It is also open-sided making it perfect for more than one child to play with at the same time.

This is a very popular toy. We love the attention to detail and all the accessories including the fireman’s pole, bunk beds for the firefighters that are on call overnight, and the little table and chairs where they can rest between emergencies and enjoy a nice drink or a snack.

Again this set is perfect for imaginative small world play and would make a very well-received gift.


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