Fire Engine Toys for Small World Play

Fire Engine Toys are a Brilliant Accessory for Small World Play

Kids love fire engines, they love seeing them racing past, they love getting the chance to see one up close, they love dressing up as firefighters and they love fire engine toys.

Fire engine toys are perfect for small world play as they can be bought into almost any setup. You can rescue dolls from a dolls house, animals from a farm or zoo, trains from a trainset, and pretty much any other toy your child loves to play with.

Plus of course children often watch lots of TV programs featuring firefighters so they have plenty of ideas to act out and expand upon.

What is small world play?

Put simply, small world play is just imaginary play with small toys. You can set up elaborate play invitations for them with animal habitats or sprawling railway tracks, but it’s still small world play when they are playing with their pirate ship or jumping dinosaur toys around on the sofa.

Why should we encourage our children to engage in small world play?

Children act out stories with their toys, be that a day out at the beach, a family dinner in their dolls house, or an epic rescue by the fire brigade, and in doing so they are developing lots of key skills.

Language and communication is a key area that is developed during small world play. Children are telling stories and acting out conversations as they play. They might be reenacting real-life situations they have been in or seen, processing what happened and practising new words they have heard in the process, or they may make up completely new stories and scenarios.

When engaging in small world play with other children our children also learn valuable social skills. They have to take turns, negotiate storylines, adapt to other people’s feelings and behaviour, listen to each others ideas and compromise. All valuable life skills.

Small world play can also be a great opportunity for understanding the world. Either by playing together with them and teaching them things, or simply by children acting out and therefore being able to process situations they had struggled to understand.

Another benefit of small world play is that children get to develop their reasoning skills, problem-solving skills, and even basic numeracy and literacy skills. They are constantly building pathways in the brain that will stay there for life, so while it might not seem like much, discovering which vehicles will fit through a tunnel or how many dinosaurs can fit in a cave is actually really important.


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