First Birthday Ideas

1st birthday ideas

Whether you are looking for parties or presents here are some of our favourite 1st birthday ideas

A baby's first birthday is a wonderful reason to celebrate and buy a few new toys. Not only is it a lovely excuse for a party if that's your thing, but it is also the perfect time to honour the fact that you have been a parent to this crazy and amazing human for a whole year!

At a year your baby isn't going to remember their 1st birthday party so it's really more for you and a great way to celebrate the year, get together with families and friends, and take some gorgeous photos of your little one that you can show them when they grow up.

Making memories

Celebrating milestones is all about acknowledging achievements and making memories. When your baby is just a year old you have so much to tell them and so much that happens every day that you might like to write them a letter to tell them all about themselves when they were one and how they make you feel. This could even be the start of a tradition where you write them a letter every year.

Have a new experience. Take them to one of your favourite places that you haven't been to before. Maybe a place that you loved as a child. The zoo, the beach, a favourite park. Buy them their first ice cream, let them go crazy with their birthday cake. It doesn't matter what it is, it's just a lovely way to mark the occasion and make it special.

Have a party but keep it simple

Keep their first birthday party simple and it will be more fun for everyone. Get a nice birthday banner, make some simple food or get people to bring a dish, and have plenty of healthy snacks for other babies.

Have a night out without the baby

It's quite possibly a while since you went out alone with your partner so why not take yourselves out for dinner and celebrate the fact that you have been parents to this incredible human for a year. Well done you!

And if you can't have a night out, have an evening where you make time to do something together. Or maybe have a day time date if it's easier to get childcare during the day.

First birthday gifts

If you are going to a first birthday party then you may well wish to take a gift along, either for the parents or the birthday child. I loved the friend who bought flowers for me rather than a gift for my son on his first birthday and gave me a happy birthing day card.

When it comes to buying gifts for a 1-year-old there are so many fabulous options. Teethers are still needed at a year old and make lovely little gifts, as do soft toys, or bath toys. Stacking toys are great for 1-year-olds and anything with wheels is usually a hit.

If you think they probably have enough toys why not opt for a book instead or an experience that can be enjoyed as a family. We are also big fans of practical gifts. A nice reusable water bottle, an apron for messy play, some reusable face wipes or a lunch bag to keep their snacks.

Next up: What are the best toys for a 1-year-old?

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