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Flip Nappies - Easy Versatile Reusable 

Which flip will you be today? Fancy organic natural fibres or going to go for quick drying stay dry? The choice is yours! Flip is a super versatile nappy system which allows you to decide how to diaper your baby. The system is based on their fabulous one-size wrap and their choice of inserts, organic night time, organic daytime, stay dry inserts, newborn inserts or even flip disposable inserts - for those days when you just can't!

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Flip Potty Training Pants Kit
£32.99   £28.04
Flip Holiday Kit
£30.85   £22.90
Flip Potty Training Pants Cover
£19.99   £16.99
Flip Daytime Organic Cotton Inserts (3 pack)
£19.95   £16.96
Flip Cover - Wraps
£14.95   £12.71
Flip Organic Cotton Insert (Overnight)
£13.95   £11.86
Flip Potty Training Pants Pad: 3-Pack
£11.99   £10.19
Newborn Flip Washable Insert (6 Pack)
Flip Disposable Inserts (18 pack)
Flip Stay Dry Insert
£4.95   £4.21

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BumGenius Flip Nappies at Baba Me

We love, love, LOVE flip at Baba Me. There is a lot of history between baba me and it, we campaigned for it (yes I nagged Jenn from Cotton Babies for at least 2 years to develop this system), we helped in its design AND we named it! Yes, we had the honour of coming up with the name for it, so we hope you like it! It's a true story that when it came out, I was given just 3 colours (ribbit, zinnia & moonbeam) and 6 months to prove this system would be popular! Safe to say 10 years later my gut instincts were right and it is one of the most popular cloth nappies in the world! I'm a little bit proud.

Just choose your insert, then put in inside the cover, then change and do again. No stuffing or snapping, just place inside the flaps on the cover. When it is time to change the nappy, remove the insert and store ready to be washed. The outer cover, however, can be re-used up to 3 times depending on how soiled the nappy has been. Simply wipe the inside of the cover and replace the insert.