Fun Farm Toys Ideas

fun farm toys ideas

Traditional toys like farm toys never go out of style. These toys have been around for many years and yet they remained popular especially the ones made from wooden materials. Wooden farm toys have a certain aesthetic to them and they have a timeless appeal. These toys look extraordinary that you can use them as nursery or playroom decoratives when your child grows older and moves on to different toys.

Farm toys are more than just fun toys. They have great early developmental value, too. Playing with these toys stimulates a childís imagination and inspires creative thinking. These toys also promote early development of essential skills such as fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, communication and language skills, analytical thinking and problem solving skills.

Pretend play is probably the most common form of play children love to engage and immerse themselves in. It is through pretend play that children can use their imagination and creativity to act scenes based on their experiences and interests. They can also make an entirely new world filled with their favourite farm animals, tractors, barns, stables and more. As they play, children will learn more about themselves and the world around them.

Wide Selection

Farm toys are popular toys which means they come in a wide selection of styles, designs, colours and sizes. There is definitely a farm toy playset for your child. We highly recommend checking out Bigjigs Farmhouse Sorter. Itís a farm toy playset and a sorting toy in one. The chunky animal toy pieces are designed with your childís little hands in mind so that he can pick them up easily. Perfect toy for teaching children about farm animals and improving finger dexterity and promotes good hand-eye coordination.

Another fantastic farm toy is Bigjigs Farm Magnets. Children are always fascinated with magnetism and they will learn more about this physical phenomena, they will also gain an understanding about cause and effect relationships and enjoy exciting interactive pretend play.

If you are looking for wooden farm animals to add to your farm toy collection, we recommend checking out Ostheimer. As one of the oldest European toy makers, Ostheimer toys have been around for many years and they have an amazing range of wooden farm animals and toys. They also have wooden farm structures like barns that are a perfect addition to any farm toy collections.

There is no doubt that farm toys are fun to play. Here are a few ideas to make playing with farm toys fun and exciting.


When buying farm toys or any toy for that matter, make sure that you are buying age-appropriate farm toys for your child. Keep in mind that there are some farm toys that are designed for older children. These toys are often too advanced for younger children which could only bring frustration to them. Moreover, these toys might have detachable parts that are considered choking hazards.

Choose simple farm toys that your child can easily play. There are many simple farm toys out there and all you need to do is do a quick research.

Choose wooden farm toys

When choosing farm toys to buy, consider buying a wooden farm toy instead of its plastic counterpart. The only advantage plastic farm toys have over wooden farm toys is that most of the time you can chuck them into your dishwasher when it's time to clean them. Thatís not to say that cleaning wooden farm toys is difficult. It is still easy but not as convenient as using a dishwasher.

Once you decide to buy wooden farm toys, make sure to buy wooden farm toys with rounded edges and smooth surfaces to avoid injuries and splinters. It always pays to be cautious and careful when buying toys for your children.

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