Fun Games for Kids That Love Pirates

Fun Activities & Games for Kids That Love Pirates

If you have a pirate-themed birthday party on the horizon or are just looking for some fun games to keep kids occupied while they are at home these pirate-themed games could be just when you are looking for.

Pin the Patch on the Pirate

Just like pin the tail on the donkey except in this instance you are pinning the patch on the pirate.

This is a classic party game but just as much fun to play at home with your little one. Especially if they’re having a play date. Get dressed up, blindfold them, get them dizzy and off they go.

It’s simple enough to make if you have a big piece of paper or a large cardboard box. Or you can buy ready-made versions if you prefer.

Pirate Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are always fun and they work indoors or outdoors depending on the weather. For little ones drawing pictures of where you have hidden things on a map or blackboard is a really good option. While older children will love following a map and collecting clues along the way.

You can get as elaborate and cryptic as you like with a treasure hunt which means they are pretty good fun to plan as well as to play.

Treasure Rummage

This is essentially a pirate-themed version of a lucky dip and would make a great alternative to party bags at the end of your party.

Another twist would be to have a treasure chest or slop bucket and put things inside so children have to guess what they are. The items could be pirate-themed or not. Spaghetti is fun as it feels pretty funny if you can’t see it, golden coins are good and simple items such as a party hat or an apple.

Walk the Plank

Pirates might not have actually done it but there’s no reason you can’t make your children or party guests walk the plank.

Construct a nice low sturdy plank over a blue sheet or paddling pool. Then children take it in turns to walk the plank. If they wobble off they are out but if they make it across they get another turn only this time they have to do it backwards! Keep coming up with new and more difficult ways to walk the plank until you have a winner. Blindfolded is tricky as is hopping or crawling on your knees.

Build a Pirate Ship

Next time you get your hands on a big cardboard box instead of putting it put with the recycling why not turn it into a pirate ship. It’s quite likely your child will have done this anyway the moment the contents are removed.

You can be as elaborate as you like but a few cannon holes, a mast and a flag will give a pretty instant effect. This then makes a great prop for games and will give you some lovely party photo opportunities.


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