Fun Outdoor Activities for Children


Outdoor Activities for Kids

Children need to get out more because outdoor play brings many benefits. Many outdoor activities are fun, simple and inexpensive yet promote early development and learning. Of course, outdoor toys make playing outdoors more exciting. However, you don’t even need to buy anything to let your children enjoy the outdoors. A simple walk or playing traditional outdoor games like tag and hide and seek can be fun and enjoyable.

How many hours a day should children play outdoors?

According to child development experts, a child should spend between 3-5 hours playing outside. More during nice weather conditions, less during less favourable weather.

Here are a few simple yet fun outdoor activities that are guaranteed to get your children to play outdoors.

Encourage gardening

Gardening can be a great outdoor activity for children. And it opens up a lot of opportunities for learning and development. They’ll learn more about nature, plants and where their food comes from.

Helping out in the garden is also a good way to teach responsibility, problem-solving as well as patience. It takes a lot of time and effort to grow plants. And it’s important to instill these values and lessons at an early age.

Play outdoor games and sports

Playing outdoor games and sports is another way to encourage children to play outdoors. Anything from water gun battles to playing catch will let you keep your little one away from screens. Traditional outdoor games like hide and seek, capture the flag and jumping rope are still fun and exciting. You can even invite your child’s friends over because children love to play with other children.

Visit your local playground and park

If you want to keep things fresh and interesting, you and your little one can visit your local park and playground at least once a month or as often as your schedules would allow. This is a good bonding opportunity for you and your child especially if she’s already going to school and you’re busy at work.

Bring some other toys with you to make your monthly trips to the park exciting. You can play tag or frisbee games with your child.

Outdoor scavenger hunts

Scavenger hunts are fun outdoor activities that you should do more often. The rules of the game are quite flexible that you can adjust them depending on what you want to happen. It’s inexpensive and very easy to get started because you really don’t need to buy anything to play scavenger hunts. For instance, you can use your child’s toys as “treasures” that she and her friends can hunt. You can make the game educational too.

Outdoor arts and crafts

Nature is filled with fantastic arts and crafts materials like twigs, leaves, flowers, stones, seeds and more. Your little one can make dolls out of twigs or make a small house out of stones. The possibilities are endless and doing engaging in outdoor creative activities is a good way to inspire your child’s imagination and stimulate her creativity.

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