Fun Ways to Play With Peg Dolls

As parents, sometimes we get overwhelmed by the sheer number of toys to choose from. Most of the toys we see on shelves at toy stores are made from plastic. While there have been improvements made to the manufacturing of these kinds of toys to make them more durable and most importantly safe for kids, they are still made from a non-biodegradable material. So if you do not want to buy your precious little one a plastic toy, you may want to consider getting a wooden toy instead like peg dolls.

Peg dolls are some of the most popular wooden toys. They come either paint or unpainted. Painted wooden peg dolls are tactile and finished with bright colours. Fantastic early learning toys for teaching kids a variety of foundational skills like sorting, color recognition, numeracy and many more. On the other hand, unpainted peg dolls are primarily used for arts and crafts. These wooden toys make for fantastic birthday presents.

Parents love peg dolls, too! They are small enough to toss into your purse when you need something to entertain your child while driving to the supermarket. However, their small size makes them a potential choking hazard so you should supervise your child while playing with them especially if your child is prone to putting things into her mouth or the peg dolls are really small. Some peg dolls are big so choose them over smaller ones.

Here some fun ways to play with peg dolls:


Peg dolls lend themselves for fantastic storytelling sessions at bedtime. You can use them to act out scenes from the storybook you’re reading to your kid. If you’re not reading from a book, you can still use them as props for telling a story. Most peg dolls come in sets so if you want to tell a story about princes and princesses, you can buy a medieval peg doll set.


Role-playing is a huge part of every little kid’s childhood. Little kids like to pretend-play and this type of play helps a lot to their early learning and development. Through make-believe, children expand their imagination and creativity. It allows them see things in different perspectives and gain more understanding about different ranges of emotions. It also helps them develop solid problem-solving skills. Role-playing also provides a risk-free environment for children to explore and discover new ideas.

To make your child’s role-playing session more fun and engaging, you can buy a few accessories. For instance, if you are child is really into fantasy role-playing you can buy her a wooden castle. If living space is a problem, there are a lot of foldable wooden castles that you can buy for your child’s peg dolls. These foldable wooden castles can also double as storage containers for when your child is done playing with her peg dolls.

Arts & Crafts

If you want to cultivate the creative side of your child, you can both make your own peg dolls out of wooden dolly pegs or paint unpainted peg dolls. Most supplies you need like acrylic paints and paint brushes are available from hobby shops and toy stores. You can use scrap fabric from unused clothing as dresses and clothes for your peg dolls.


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