Getting to Know Cocoa Loco

cocoa loco

Cocoa Loco is a popular organic chocolate brand based in Sussex, UK. Their scrumptious chocolates are made from fairtrade and organic cocoa beans and come in eco-friendly recyclable packaging. Many people love Cocoa Loco. Not only for their chocolatey delights but also for their commitment to our environment and fairtrade and ethical trading practices.


Chocolate is one of the most popular foods in the world. About 90% of the world’s cacao trees, where chocolate comes from, are grown on small family-owned farms in developing regions of the world. These farmers are highly dependent on growing and selling cocoa beans for their living. Growing cacao trees is a hard job. They are some of the world’s most sensitive crops which means farmers need to protect them from unwanted insects, weeds and weather elements. To meet industry demands, some of these farmers end up using chemicals like fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides which disrupt local biodiversity and contaminate the soil. Moreover, due to low pay they cannot afford proper protective gear when handling these toxic chemicals so they are putting their lives at risk. The sad truth is these farmers are paid very little for their hard work.

Cocoa Loco sources their cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic. Through Fairtrade, they are able to make a difference to the lives of small cacao farmers in the country. Farmers are paid a Fairtrade premium which is an additional sum of money that goes into the farmer’s communal fund. The money is then used for developmental initiatives like schools, clinics, better drinking water sources and many more.

Cocoa bean prices are unpredictable and to make sure farmers are earning a livable wage, they are paid either a Fairtrade minimum or commercial price, whichever is higher.

Through these initiatives, farmers are able to work in decent working conditions and provide better living standards to their families. They are also able to explore more environmentally-friendly and sustainable farming methods of growing cacao trees.


Cocoa Loco believes going organic is the way to go. It’s not only better for the environment but also for chocolate lovers. By going organic, they are working with nature. This means the ingredients they are using to make their scrumptious chocolates have been produced to the highest standards. They do not use artificial flavours and preservatives. They also adhere to the highest standard of animal welfare.

Choosing organic means fewer to no pesticides, insecticides and herbicides. Cacao is one of the most heavily sprayed crops so chocolate should be organic to avoid these harmful chemicals.

Cocoa Loco is so passionate about chocolates that they make them in small batches as opposed to big name chocolates that are mass-produced.

Going organic is better for the farmers themselves. They are encouraged to use sustainable farming methods and avoid using chemicals instead. They are no longer exposed to these harmful chemicals which are often linked to several human health conditions.

As consumers, we can use our wallets to support businesses who are committed to Fairtrade practices and providing farmers decent working conditions. So the next time you have a chocolate craving, satisfy your guilty pleasure with fairtrade and organic chocolates.

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