Getting to Know Tenderleaf Toys

Tenderleaf Toys produce amazing wooden toys that are beloved by both parents and children. These toys are designed to be fun and educational. Playing these toys allow children to learn how to count, how to recognise colours and engage in fun pretend play alone or with friends. If your child loves to role play, this is the toy brand that you should be looking at.

They have been around for many years and have continuously provided simple yet fun to play wooden toys. Tenderleaf toys feature a wide range of styles and design. Some of their wooden toys feature minimalist design while others are quirky and whimsical. There is definitely a Tenderleaf toy for every kid.


All Tenderleaf toys are beautifully designed by Danielle. You may not personally know her but if you have been working in the toy industry, you have probably heard about her a couple of times. Danielle is a respected and award winning toy designer. Her toy designs have earned her various awards in the toy industry.

Tenderleaf love creating exciting worlds filled with imaginative wooden toys and they take pride in their adorable and contemporary toy designs. They continue to develop new designs to appeal to modern consumers and make their toys as lovable and playable as can be. They make sure that each Tenderleaf toy offers so much in the way of entertainment and educational value. Children can easily learn new things when they are having fun. Playing with toys that are fun not only entertains children but also help them improve and develop their skills.

Tenderleaf designs their toys in a way that combines both function and form through beautiful illustrious and colours while keeping in mind the children that will be playing their toys. They paint their toys in bright colours because children are easily drawn into colourful objects and toys. Additionally, their toys feature a more friendlier style than other appeals to most children.


When you buy a Tenderleaf toy, you will have a peace of mind knowing that the toy that you just bought is 100% safe. Tenderleaf wants children to play with fun toys without compromising quality and safety. Their toys are painted with non-toxic paint and go through numerous safety checks to ensure that their toys are 100% safe. All their toys conform to international safety standards on kids toys.

Ethical and environment-friendly

Most Tenderleaf toys are made from partnered toy factory in Indonesia. Tenderleaf spends weeks to months at the factory to make sure that everything including the production process is according to the company’s guidelines and principles. Each lumber that is used to make their lovely toys is being responsibly sourced and replaced with a new plant. Doing so, ensures that their primary resource, rubber wood, remains sustainable and renewable.

From raw materials like rubber wood to the finished wooden toy, every single part of the production process happens in one roof. Tenderleaf and their partners make sure that all workers are paid a living wage and all materials used in making their amazing toys are ethically sourced.


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