Gift Bags

Our gorgeous range of gift bags is perfect for gifting. They come in a wide variety of sizes and styles to suit any occasion, from birthdays to anniversaries. Plus, they're made from recycled materials so you can feel good about your purchase too.

Give the gift of sustainability this year with our gorgeous range of reusable gift bags that come in every size imaginable. Whether it's a small stocking stuffer or an extravagant present, we've got you covered with something beautiful that will make your loved one smile all day long when they open their present!

Gorgeous Gift Bags, Reusable Gift Boxes and Lots of Great Gift Wrapping Ideas

We love to reuse and recycle at babame. Even down to posting our packages in reused packaging. So we've come up with some great gift wrapping ideas that won't end up in the rubbish. Gorgeous Jute bags that are a gift in themselves, pretty reusable paper gift boxes, and even just the paper we send your gifts in.

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Gift Bags & BoxesThe fun doesn't stop once you find the perfect gift. Now is the time to think about eco-friendly gift wrap. There's nothing nicer than receiving a beautifully wrapped gift, and presenting gifts in carefully chosen wrapping paper certainly adds to the magic of giving. However, so much of the wrapping paper you buy in the shops cant be recycled meaning its destined from the start to end in the landfill. So in the interest of reducing waste, babame have compiled a range of fair trade gift wrap, made mostly from recycled materials to allow you to wrap it up in ethical style.

Eco-Friendly Wrapping

Our fair trade gift boxes are small but perfectly formed. They would make great jewellery gift boxes for presenting a stunning handmade necklace in style or are the ideal finishing touch for a gift box of yummy homemade truffles or fudge.

A cute little gift box is a great alternative to reusable wrapping paper for smaller gifts and trinkets. The pretty pattern and luxury ribbon mean this eco-friendly gift wrap solution would be perfect favour boxes for a wedding or party. They are also a great sized box for disguising little gifts like the Seedball tins, Wild Olive bath melts or even a gift card that would otherwise be difficult to wrap.

Our bags come in every size from teeny tiny to super spacious and are a great reusable gift wrap solution to stylishly package awkwardly shaped gifts in all sizes. All have strong handles so you don't need to worry about dropping your gifts and make lovely gift packaging for party favours at a wedding or other event.

The smallest bags make a great alternative to organza bags for packaging little treats and trinkets. They would make lovely bridesmaid gift bags for example. While the biggest bags are plenty spacious enough for all sorts of yummy bath treats, great if you want to avid the cello bags you often get packaging gift baskets.

Simply stuff with a little tissue paper if you need to hide your gift to avoid taping it shut, thus meaning its reusable next time. The gorgeous designs mean your gift will really stand out in a crowd. Plus they are all Fairtrade, ethical and handmade.

The rainbow bags are particularly special. These handmade paper bags are made using traditional methods from paper made from the bark of the Mulberry tree. Mulberry paper has longer fibres than normal paper meaning these bags are strong, durable and ready to be used over and over again. The colourful batik design is a work of art in itself featuring hot pinks, deep blue and vibrant yellow. Ready to do justice to even the most precious gift.

Alternative eco-friendly gift wrap ideas

If the bags and boxes on offer aren't quite right for your gifts there are loads of alternative ways to wrap presents and still steer clear of the shiny rolls of foil backed paper.

Check out our top 4 wrapping paper alternatives:

Kraft paper:

Think brown paper packages wrapped up with string and you can't help a) singing, and b) thinking of a Victorian Christmas. This is probably the easiest eco alternative and its price friendly too. You might find you end up with quite a bit of brown paper or kraft bags from shopping for the gifts in the first place which can easily be repurposed into gorgeous gift wrap with a bit of ribbon or string.

Try adding some herbs or foliage for a rustic, simple and stylish look. Or satin ribbon bows for a bit of luxury. Also, the thickness of the paper means its much easier to wrap bottles and other awkward shapes. A dab of glue is also a great alternative to sticky tape and looks better too.


The Japanese love this form of eco-friendly reusable gift wrap so much they've turned it into an art form. Furoshiki, or fabric gift wrap, has been promoted for its ethical credentials and is a beautifully simple way to wrap even the most awkward of gifts. In fact anything from chocolate to an iron. You might already be familiar with beeswax food wrap as an alternative to plastic wrap for food so why not use fabric for gifts as well.

You don't need to buy purpose made fabric gift wrap with built-in ribbons, the Japanese simply tie knots. And you can repurpose most fabrics into wrapping paper with the help of a pair of pinking shears. A seasonal print cloth would be perfect to adorn a special Christmas gift, and you can reuse it for wrapping gifts next year. You could even add a few drops of essential oils for a signature scent to accompany your gifts.

If you are handy with a sewing machine you could think about making custom gift bags. A fabric bag is particularly good for immediate family members as you can re-use them each time a birthday or Christmas comes around. Or they make a lovely additional gift, much nicer than organza gift bags or wrapping paper that will end up in the bin.

Jute shopping bags:

Reusable grocery bags are a great way to wrap presents. They are strong, durable and a gift in themselves. Our range of jute tote bags come in a variety of sizes so you can wrap even quite large gifts with ease. And once unpacked this eco-friendly gift wrap can be used for shopping, school work or trips to the beach.

Re-use what you have:

We love re-using our packaging at Babame and re-use not only the boxes our own products come in but those of our neighbours when sending out our parcels. Re-using could mean turning the pages of a book into a beautiful origami bow. Sweet jars are great for baked goods or gluten-free treats. Or simply saving the tissue paper or gift wrap your birthday gifts were given in.

An old greeting card makes a great gift tag and even toilet roll inners can be fashioned into cute pillow boxes. Get the kids to decorate them and you have unique custom gift boxes you could never buy in the shops.

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