Gnaw Chocolate - Ethical Chocolate Hand Crafted in the UK

The Gnaw Chocolate tagline is that they make “fabulously good chocolate with a bit of squirrelly fun”. The brand originated when sweet shop owners Matt and Teri decided that they could make a better, less boring, more ethical and sustainable chocolate bar than the market was currently providing.

They began experimenting with being chocolatiers and soon discovered that they were rather good at it. Customers were loving it and what was more other places were interested in stocking it too.

So they made the leap and started to focus solely on creating fabulous chocolate and chocolate gifts.

Gnaw’s Environmental Credentials

As they pride themselves on being squirrels, caring for the environment had to be part of the picture.

The cocoa for their organic range of bars comes from the Dominican Republic. Gnaw are proud of the fact they can trace their cocoa back to specific farmers cooperatives and that all their organic cocoa is orangutan friendly and palm-oil free. The rest of their cocoa is responsibly and ethically sourced from the Ivory Coast.

But Gnaw didn't stop there. All their large bars are now packaged without plastic and in fact, are fully home compostable. The stuff that looks like foil is actually potato starch and all the inks are soya based. The packaging on their hot choc shots and small bars is recyclable and they are working towards zero plastic and zero waste on all their products by 2021.

Great chocolate without the bitter aftertaste

It’s a well-known fact that chocolate makes you feel good. It puts you in a better mood and can help the body produce endorphins. Plus there are studies that have shown chocolate can have health benefits including helping heart health thanks to high levels of antioxidants and flavanols.

However, it is also a well-known fact that the chocolate industry has a dark side, especially when it comes to the environmental impact of producing the ingredients needed, not just cocoa but sugar, palm oil and dairy. As well as the fact that forced child labor is still a huge issue in many chocolate plantations and that farmers and workers get paid very little meaning they are not able to meet even the basic needs of shelter, food, health and education.

We may love the taste of chocolate, it may make us feel good when we eat it, but are we really willing to turn a blind eye to the exploitation we are supporting if we do not choose ethical brands?

Gnaw are committed to the sustainability of their chocolate so you can enjoy it relatively guilt-free.

And of course by buying chocolate made by a small company in the UK you are also supporting communities locally as well.


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