Gnaw Hot Choc Shots

Discover a superior chocolate drinking experience with Gnaws range of decadent artisan hot chocolate shots. Beautifully packaged and available in a huge variety of flavours these make perfect gifts or a fabulous way to give yourself an indulgent treat.

Gnaw pride themselves on making fabulous handcrafted chocolate that is both ethical and fun and their hot chocolate shots are a perfect example. Made with ethically sourced ingredients and packaged in recycled packaging they are perfectly portioned shots of deliciousness for a chocolately treat any time.

Gnaw hot chocolate shots are delicious shot sized portions of chocolate with a wooden stirrer attached. They come in loads of scrumptious flavours including:

  • Classic milk and dark versions with marshmallows.
  • Vegan mylk and dark versions without marshmallows.
  • A mixed up milk and dark version for those who like a richer hot chocolate.
  • Lots of boozy flavoured liqueur hot chocolates.
  • And fun flavours such as rocky road, salted caramel, chocolate orange and hazelnut.

Unlike traditional hot chocolate there’s no messy powder and no risk of powdery lumps. And it’s all been pre-portioned for you so you don’t have to figure out if you’ve used the correct size of spoon.

This is real chocolate ready to be melted into a mug of milk and enjoyed. They are perfect for enjoying at any time of day especially at the end of a wintery walk, or even during one if you take a nice hot flask of milk out with you. And are a great way to get your chocolate fix and make the treat last a little bit longer than a small bar of chocolate.

How to Make the Best Hot Chocolate

We really do think that melting real chocolate into warm milk is about as good as you can get when it comes to hot chocolate and it feels and tastes far more indulgent that cocoa powder and sugar or a ready made hot chocolate mix.

To make the best hot chocolate simply heat up a mug of milk till it’s nice and hot. Take your Gnaw hot choc shot and stir stir stir. Then add mini marshmallows for a final flourish and a little added sweetness.

Not only do you end up with the most delicious cup of hot chocolate but you are forced to sit back, relax and unwind for a few minutes while you gently stir the chocolate until it’s melted into the milk.

You can use any milk you like to make your hot chocolate shots which can add to and enhance the flavours. And of course you can add your own spirits or liqueurs if you want a more grown up treat.


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