Green People

Green People

Green People believe that everyone should be pampered every day.

The Green People Story

Charlotte Vřhtz founded Green People in 1997 with the vision of providing skin care products that are made from natural and organic ingredients and free from toxic chemicals typically found in big name skin care products. Her journey started after searching for skin care products for her young daughter Sandra, who at that time was battling multiple skin allergies, and finding out that a product could be called ‘natural’ with only 1% natural ingredients in its formulation. Most of the skin care products that were supposed to be ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ were made almost entirely with synthetic ingredients that are toxic and harmful.

Natural Organic Skin Care for Babies Children and Adults from Green People

Discover our wide range of eco-friendly and scent free skin care products from Green People. Each Green People product is natural and organic, made from the freshest and most eco-friendly ingredients. They are packed full of nutrients that nurture and nourish the body.

Our range of Green People organic skin care and organic beauty lines includes sun care, body care, lip care, and nail care. The Green People Organic Children range is a great starting point, we love their organic baby wash, perfect for newborns. Green People products will leave you & your children refreshed and pampered, just the way you like it.

Green People Natural Toothpaste

Available in 4 variants; Citrus & Aloe Vera, Fennel & Propolis, Peppermint & Aloe Vera and Minty Cool, these natural toothpaste from Green People are perfect for people who are looking for organic toothpaste that does not contain any chemicals that are considered toxic and harmful to humans. These toothpastes are free from parabens, SLS, alcohol, harsh foaming agents and many other petrochemicals. Fluoride free and packed with natural ingredients with natural cleaning and anti-microbial properties, these natural toothpastes are ideal for people who have sensitive teeth and gums.

Green People also has natural toothpastes specially formulated for children. There are 3 variants to choose from; Mandarin & Aloe Vera, Spearmint & Aloe Vera and Mandarin & Fluoride. Just like other Green People toothpastes, these toothpastes for kids are made using ingredients like olive leaf extracts and other ingredients with natural antimicrobial and cleaning properties. Non-toxic if swallowed by kids, making them safe and ideal toothpaste for introducing oral care to kids.

Green People Organic Baby Care Products

We also have a selection of Green People baby care products which includes baby oil, baby salve, lotions, nappy cream, baby wash and shampoo. These natural baby care products are not only made using natural ingredients but are also packed with minerals that nurture and nourish your baby’s delicate and sensitive skin.

Green People Organic Babies Soothing Baby Oil is a scent-free baby oil perfect for daily moisturising and bonding baby massage. It softens and soothes your baby’s soft and delicate skin. Made from 100% natural ingredients like pomegranate seed oils, rosehip, evening primrose, rosehip and elderflower, making this baby oil from Green People suitable for skin types that are prone to skin irritation like eczema and psoriasis. Mums can also use this baby oil to improve skin elasticity in the tummy area which helps reduce stretchmarks.

Made from natural ingredients like hemp, beeswax, lavender, shea butter and calendula, Green People organic baby salve is perfect for babies’ sensitive and delicate skin and skin types that are prone to skin irritation. Calendula is typically used to reduce skin soreness and shea butter has natural anti-inflammatory and healing properties, making this baby salve a go to skin soreness treatment by many parents. This baby salve also softens, protects and water-resistant keeping your baby’s skin dry and moisturised and calms away irritation.

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