Grimms Rainbow Ideas

How do you play with a Grimms Rainbow?

You can play Grimms Rainbow any way you like. That’s the beauty of open-ended toys, they are designed to be played in a variety of ways depending on the day, the child, their imaginations and desires and they offer hours upon hours of fun activities for kids.

Open ended toys foster creativity and encourage children to use their imaginations because there is no predefined structure or pattern to playing. Play is completely child-led and the toys are designed to allow your children to use them in any way they choose.

This encouragement of child-led play, something that can often get left by the wayside in a world of amazing toys that entertain children rather than being tools for them to create their own entertainment, is vital for healthy development. Children get to test their ideas and theories, play without fear of making mistakes, and develop social and emotional skills.

And while open-ended toys might seem like a trendy concept embraced only by Montessori and home educators open-ended toys are in fact the majority of traditional toys, the ones we played with as kids.

Open ended toys include:

Encouraging open ended play

Generally, children are far better than we are at using their imaginations and getting creative with their toys. But they do need a little help and encouragement every now and again. Luckily we can teach them to play just like we can teach them so many other skills.

If your child is struggling to play with simpler, more open-ended toys, try playing with them or setting up an invitation to play. It won’t take long for their imagination to take over.

And try to limit screen time. This is a very passive form of entertainment so doesn’t require them to engage their imagination. They might resist at first but will soon be happily playing.

Grimm’s Rainbow offers fun activities for kids

To get you and your little one started here are a few of our favourite Grimm’s rainbow ideas.

  • First and foremost the rainbow is a stacking toy so stack it. See how crazy you can get with your structures or just how high you can build your tower.
  • Get balancing. Have a look for some pictures online and then see if you get to replicate these crazy balancing artworks at home. This is great for older children.
  • Combine with other toys.
    • The individual arches of the rainbow make great rockers for dolls.
    • You can put them together to make animal pens in a farm or zoo.
    • You can use it to build a dolls house.
    • Rainbow arches make fantastic bridges and tunnels for when you are playing with cars or trains.
    • Use them as caves.
    • create gateways between worlds
    • Use to build a marble or ball run.
    • Use for colour matching, counting and educational games.

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