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Welcome to the world of Grimm's Spiel und Holz design. A fantastic world of open-ended play and wooden rainbow toys to inspire and delight your children. These natural wooden toys are all handmade from sustainable hardwood in Europe. Dyed with child safe water-based stains that allow the natural grain and beauty of the wood to shine through.

Their bright rainbow colours and minimalist design will delight children and encourage learning through imaginative play and creativity. These are beautiful heirloom toys that will be handed down for generations to come.

They are best known for the Grimm's Rainbow which is an iconic wooden Waldorf toy, inspired by the educational philosophies of Rudolf Steiner and Waldorf Education, which advances creativity, 'slow play' and leaves room for imagination. There are no instructions, just play, learn, have fun, play more - children know what to do! They also work well as beautiful decorations for the home as they are stunningly visual.

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Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid
£145.00   £135.00
Grimms Building Set Sparking Orient
£149.00   £134.00
Grimms Counterrotating Stepped Spiral
£139.00   £124.00
Grimms Large 1001 Nights Building Set
£114.99   £100.00
Grimms Large 4 Elements Building Set
£96.95   £86.95
Grimms 12 piece rainbow
Grimms Stepped Roofs Rainbow
Grimms PASTEL 12 rainbow
£67.50   £60.00
Grimms 6 Cars, coloured
Grimm's Large Blackboard
Grimms Stacking Tower Rainbow
Grimm's Wooden Cars Slimline
Grimms Small Sorting Helper 6 pieces
Grimms Landscape
Grimms 180 Coloured Beads 20mm
Grimms 7 Rainbow Friends in bowls
Grimms Soft Doll, blue
Grimms Wooden Discs 240 pieces
Grimms Pastel Semi Circles
£43.50   £38.00
Grimms Pastel Building Boards
£42.90   £37.95
Grimms Rainbow Building Boards
£42.50   £37.50
Grimms Small Sorting Game, 3 wooden bowls
£39.00   £35.00
Grimms Coral Reef
Grimms 12 Pastel Friends
Grimms Building Set Weather
£38.99   £33.50
Grimms Building Set Red Hearts
Grimms Confettidots Pastel
Grimms Confettidots Rainbow
Grimms 12 Rainbow Friends
£33.95   £28.50
Grimms Building Set Rainbow Hearts
£31.50   £28.00
Grimms Wankel
Grimms Building Rings Rainbow
£29.50   £26.50
Grimms Rolling Boats
£28.94   £25.50
Grimms 6 Piece Rainbow
Grimms Waterwaves
Grimms Pastel Rainbow 6 pieces
Grimms earth
Grimms Fire
Grimms House, coloured
Grimms Tunnel natural
Grimm's Set Of Bowls Ocean
Grimms 3 in a boat
Grimm's Large Convertible Orange Toy Car
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Grimm's Spiel und Holz

Grimm's is a family company who design, manufacture and sell high quality wooden toddler toys, made from either Lyme wood or Alder wood.

The full range of Waldorf toys are stained with non-toxic stains, allowing the natural grain to be seen ensuring each piece is unique and beautiful. Whether you choose a rainbow stacker or building blocks, wooden puzzles or wooden baby toys, this brand has something for everyone.

All of the toys are designed at Grimm's HQ in Hochdorf Germany.

The toys are crafted at various locations in Europe by trained woodworkers. Once the raw products are received, they are inspected and the finishing steps completed back in Germany. All wood is sourced from European sustainably managed forests. The woods used in the toys are Alder, Maple, Lime and Beech. Colours and oils used to treat the wood are free from harmful chemicals and non toxic. There is minimal amount of packaging on each product to reduce waste.

Grimm's Rainbow

From the iconic Grimm's Rainbow toy with its endless possibilities for imaginative play to beautiful grasping toys for little hands and magnetic puzzles to keep growing minds amused for hours, there is something for everyone in the Grimm's range.

Brightly coloured building blocks will develop hand-eye coordination as your child discovers all the possibilities for creative play. Toddlers and older children alike will delight in the vibrant colours as they follow their imagination. Their rainbow tunnel might become a bridge for cars, a marble run, a stable for their animals or a hotel for the Grimm's friends or dolls to stay in.

Grimm's for Imagination

Grimm's wooden rainbow toys can be used to create amazing sculptures developing problem-solving skills and stacking ability of both adults and children alike. We also love their pull along toys and vehicles, great for pretend play, and their beautiful soft dolls. These are children's toys that embody their own educational philosophy of child-led learning through open-ended play. Whether stacking or threading, fitting together a puzzle or creating a fantasy world these are the toys that childhood should be made of.

are open-ended wooden toys which are handcrafted in Europe from sustainably sourced wood. Their bright rainbow colours and minimalist design will delight children and encourage learning through imaginative play and creativity.

Grimms Made in Europe Toys

All of the toys are designed at Grimm's HQ in Hochdorf Germany. The toys are crafted at various locations in Europe by trained woodworkers. Once the raw products are received, they are inspected and the finishing steps completed back in Germany. All wood is sourced from European sustainably managed forests. The woods used in the toys are Alder, Maple, Lime and Beech. Colours and oils used to treat the wood are free from harmful chemicals and non-toxic. There is the minimal amount of packaging on each product to reduce waste.

Why we love Grimm's:

  • Sustainable wood
  • Supporting European craftsmen
  • Non toxic water based stains and dyes & plant based oil used
  • Minimal Packaging
  • Hand Carved
  • Amazing Imagination
  • Great for Waldorf Education
  • Ideal for nurseries or montessories
  • Grimm's toys grow with your child
  • Adults can have fun too!
  • Gorgeous Grimm's rainbow coloured wooden blocks
  • Range coordinates well together

Top 7 Grimms Toys to Get 2020

Everyone has heard of the famous rainbow Grimm's toys but we have put together this short list of the Grimm's toys we think you NEED!

  1. The 12 piece Grimm's Rainbow - every house needs this

  2. The Grimm's 12 rainbow friends - these wooden peg people make the best toy to go with the rainbow. It teaches them colour coordination, helps with counting and even communication. These humble rainbow people help all the toys take on a new life!

  3. The Grimm's building boards allow you to take the rainbow and make it into.. Anything? Turn it into a balancing game, a shelf, literally anything!

  4. The Grimm's elements should come next but we recommend the Large Element set - you get all four and they are huge, and make a gorgeous gift for anyone.

  5. The Grimm's wooden balls are needed! Turn that rainbow into a marble run, create fun landscapes and so much more!

  6. The Grimm's Wankel makes a fantastic stacking toy, and who does not want a wankel in their life!

  7. Finally, to complete the top 7 Grimm's toys we would go with Grimm's blocks - as these allow you to build anything with the toys above.

Are Grimms Toys Just Hype?

Well, now, that is a question we often get asked in our facebook group. NO!!! Yes, Grimm's have become the must-have toy and the waiting list is" ridiculous for the Grimm's rainbow, but it's not hype! There is a reason they have grown to become one of the most popular brands! Not just the fact they are high-quality wooden toys, but because there is so much thought put into the range. Each toy you pick in the Grimm's range will naturally blend with all the others. Like all Waldorf inspired toys, they are made from natural materials. Based on the philosophy of Steiner, these toys believe in Play in Nature. Your child will learn to flow with nature. Made from renewable and sustainable sources, these toys allow a more open type of play. This open-ended play allows a child to create their own imaginative world, the natural toys stimulate their own imagination, and anything can be anything!

When a toy, such as Grimm's is played with, it awakens all of a child's senses. Sensory experience is vital in early childhood, and these beautiful wooden toys natural allow it. They are very tactile but are a joy to see as well. Bright rainbow colours help develop your child's aesthetic appreciation. The inviting bold colours call to a child to play with them.

Grimm's Helps Drive a Child Imagination

The whole concept of Waldorf education is that toys should be largely unformed, blank pieces to drive and stimulate children's thoughts and imaginations. This means they can often look simple, basic and not complex and this is a good thing!

Simple means open-ended play. A child will determine what the toy represents, and each time your child plays with a Grimm's toy, he can make it something new. It could be a bridge, a house, a cave, a fairy flower, a potato - literally anything. This allows a child's mind to develop, rather than giving them a toy and saying, this is wooden till, having a simple unformed toy allows the child"s imagination to run wild, to be highly stimulated and come up with anything! They can mimic the actions and skills they have seen in their parents, like cooking, cleaning etc through their play.

Where to start with Grimm's Toys

We did a long detailed video on this which goes into this extensively but I have just summarised the main points here. The video is on our youtube channel if you want to watch it.

It"s not all about the rainbow! For a younger child, I often recommend not getting the 12 piece rainbow, instead of for a young child I would recommend the Grimm's 6 piece rainbow. It's smaller, fits their hands better, is nice and chunky and will allow a child to begin to play with open-ended toys. Alongside this, we would add in the 12 rainbow friends and the wooden balls. These three would make the perfect starter set and are ideal gifts or presents for a young child.

Grimm's Elements

From there, I would move onto the Grimm's elements. The fire, water and earth in either large or small, whatever you prefer. The large 4 piece set is a fantastic large set which fit together in a beautiful puzzle like way and can also be considered. All of the elements can be used in so many ways. For example, the fire can be used as a fairy hotel, or use alongside some blocks and pretend a building is on fire. The water can be used with some lovely Ostheimer or Holztiger wooden sea animals to create a lovely sea scene. The earth can be a cave for your animals, a wooden peg person house or even a fence for some horses if you turn it on its side. These three extra elements really open up the boundaries and allow your child to play with so much more and have so much more stimulating play.

Which Grimm's Toys Next?

After that, well the world is literally your oyster! You can get some wooden blocks to create more building pieces. The Grimm's semi circles or building boards are fantastic add-ons to the rainbow, turning them into a tower, a shelf, a balance toy! Or perhaps try something a little different, the Grimm's magnetic puzzles are amazing for older children or even we have found them great for children on the spectrum to make amazing patterns with. One of my favourite Grimm's toys is the Grimm's large 1001 building nights set, gorgeously shaped building blocks which allow for so much creativity.

A great Grimms toy for helping with fine motor skills is the sorting helper. Either the large or the small set of 6 are ideal for colour matching, counting, sorting and even just keeping all the lovely Grimm's toys tidy! Grimm's also have sets of beads etc which can be used in combination with this, along with the friends and balls allowing children to collect items by type, theme or colour.

5 Cool Ways to Play with your Grimm's Rainbow

Even beyond the borders of Baba Me land, it"s no secret that are the ticket to imaginative and open-ended play! The reason for that is mainly their beautiful simplicity. While the vibrant stained wooden arches appeal to children of nearly all ages, they don"t limit them to a specific type of play. One day the rainbow becomes a dolls house, another day it is used to build a bridge above train tracks or doubles as a fun colour sorting game.

When I first saw the 12-piece rainbow I instantaneously had two thoughts: "Wow! It"s beautiful!" and "I wonder, what you can do with it." My second thought was probably due to my own lack of imagination and my upbringing, which was dominated by plastic toys. However, those doubts didn"t stop me from ordering it for my daughter"s second Birthday last November. However, since November we have not only significantly extended our Grimm"s collection by the semi-circles, the six balls, rainbow people and more, but the kids and me have also discovered a million and one different ways of playing with our rainbow " ok, maybe not a million and one exactly, but it certainly feels that way!
Building and Stacking

Something we enjoyed as soon as we unwrapped our rainbow, was building really high towers. My daughter (2) loves how tall it is and I love how stable it is. Unlike towers with regular building blocks or stacking toys, this one doesn"t fall over as easily and can actually be played with e.g. Holztiger Animals can go to sleep in it for example. My son (3) also really likes to build castles: He puts two or three big rainbow pieces next to each other as a base and stacks the smaller pieces on top. The "ground floor" is for vehicles, such as fire engines or carriages, while the top levels are for princesses, knights and other people.

Once our semi circles arrived, our towers got a whole lot cooler! They are not towers anymore but actual skyscrapers with different levels " the perfect urban home for our rainbow people!

Small world play

Using the rainbow in small world play is one of our favourite ways to play with it. My kids love to build all sorts of different houses and places with the arches. Our cute little dolls house is done very quickly by using the different pieces as curved walls. That way you can create different sized rooms in the colours of the rainbow " put some doll furniture inside and you are done!

Recently, my son became obsessed with building playgrounds for our rainbow people, other small figures and dolls. Turn the rainbow pieces upside down and you have a sea saw, the right way around they can be used as a slide or monkey bars and a few of the small pieces quickly become a cave for hide & seek. We also had a zoo, a hospital and a firestation " there are truly no limits!

In combination with our semi circles we also love to built a little village of rainbow houses. These are two or three story houses, which are used as homes for our Holztiger animals or our cars, which go to work in our garage , but live in a rainbow house " obviously. Here is where the long bits from our Tegu Set come in handy as doors!
Balancing games

This one is more for me than for my kids, but sure even better if the entire family gets pleasure out of one toy. I love sitting down in the evenings, trying to replicate all those cool balancing built ups that pop up in the Baba Me Facebook Group every now and again. Honestly, I mostly fail, as unfortunately, my German roots didn"t bless me with a massive amount of patience " it"s still fun trying though

In the last week or two, I have also started to introduce Noah and Maya to a little balancing game. First, I split all the pieces of the rainbow and divide them evenly between the two. Sometimes we decide that the biggest red arch is on the bottom, sometimes it"s one of the smaller ones. They then take turns in stacking and balancing the pieces on top of each other. I showed them some example pictures to get their imagination going and it"s amazing what they actually manage to create " we always do a little celebration dance, when all the pieces are stacked up and nothing falls over.
Colour Sorting and Counting

My children are two and three years old and kind of know the different colours, but at the same time get confused by them sometimes. I try and play a simple game of colour sorting as often as I can and whenever they cooperate I separate the rainbow and lay the pieces on their edge, so it looks like a colour bay. Then I grab whatever is handy " usually rainbow friends, balls and a box of small random toys and ask my kids to sort the items in the bay with the same colour. They are almost always up for that challenge and get really excited when everything is matched up.

This game can easily be extended to a counting game as well. I usually ask my son to count the pieces in the different coloured bays once they are all matched up, but for an even bigger challenge, they could also be counted when placing them there. My daughter is just after starting to develop an interest and understanding of quantity, so I let her count the pieces of the actual rainbow.
Pieces of Art and Storylines

The different sized arches of the rainbow are of course not only perfect for building towers, castles, and houses. They are also ideal to create fields of flowers, waves in an ocean, statues, ornaments and many many more works of art! My children have recently started to create scenes from some of their books with the rainbow " they basically take their preferred picture in one of their books and built that picture with the rainbow and other bits and pieces. The funny thing is, that the building elements are always changing, except the rainbow, which seems to be constant and is always the first to come out.

I don"t have any story sacks yet, but I imagine the rainbow as a great backdrop for many of them!

I can"t see the end of the rainbow(play)

If there truly is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, I doubt that we will ever get to it with the Grimm's rainbow! There are just too many possibilities and ways to use those beautifully curved pieces of stained wood. All my original doubts about the rainbow are long gone and have been replaced by total excitement, especially when I see my kids being able to follow wherever their imagination takes them, without boundaries or limitations!

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