Grocery Bags and Baskets for Kids

Kids love to be just like us and do the things we do. That’s how they learn. So while you might not be all that enthusiastic about being bought an iron, a dustpan and brush, a shopping trolley or a grocery basket. Kids love them.

Role play toys are the perfect way to encourage engaged and connected play that gets children using their imaginations and being creative. But not only that, they get to practise social skills, develop their vocabulary, learn about emotions, practise problem-solving and work on both fine and gross motor skills all while they’re having fun.

We have a great range of role-play toys including some amazing wooden kitchens and playshops. And what better to go with a play shop or market stall than a shopping basket or grocery bag that is the perfect size for little hands and play food.

Bigjigs Grocery Basket

The Bigjigs Grocery Basket is made of metal and just like a mini version of the ones you get in the supermarket. You could even take it shopping with you next time you go and keep your little one occupied while you shop.

As well as the basket you get a lovely selection of groceries to go in it including cookies, a tin of soup, a doughnut, chocolate spread, cereal and milk.

Tender Leaf Toys Grocery Bag

The Tender Leaf Toys Grocery Bag is a fabric bag that looks like a more traditional shopping basket. Again it comes with a great selection of play food that is perfect for stocking up their toy kitchen.

The food shopping is a tin of sardines, a bottle of olive oil, tomato ketchup, a bar of chocolate, a tin of beans, salami, cherry jam and a bar of soap.

Bigjigs Natural Shopping Bag

This cute little shopping bag is a bag for life for kids. It goes brilliantly with the grocery basket or shopping trolley and is perfect for little ones to act out carrying their purchases home.

And they’re a bargain. We also think they make a great way to gift a few items of play food especially as you can buy so many items individually. Meaning you can put together their ideal shopping list.

Tender Leaf Toys Shopping Trolley

The Tender Leaf Shopping Trolley is a shopping bag on wheels and perfect for carting play food or anything else around the house. It’s brightly coloured, beautifully made, and has non-slip wheels to stop it running away from them.


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