Healthy Lunch Box Ideas for Kids

Healthy Ideas to Fill Your Kids Lunch Bags

Packing lunch for your children on a daily basis can feel like a daunting task, especially if they are fussy eaters. You want to provide them with tasty nutritious food that will keep giving them the energy they need to learn and provide their brains with the nutrition they need to concentrate through the afternoon.

It’s easy to end up packing the same things every day, either because you know they’ll eat them or because you’ve just run out of nutritious lunchbox ideas for kids.

There’s pressure from your children to pack the things they want to eat or that their friends have, usually a list of things from the school you can’t include, especially if there are children in the class that have allergies, and the knowledge that this is all they are going to get to eat all day so they need to actually eat it and get as much nutrition from it as possible.

Plus of course some children are either very fussy or creatures of habit or both. We’ve all had moments when our toddler acts like the world is going to end because their cup is the wrong colour or their sandwich is the wrong shape, and while most children have probably grown out of this by the time they get to school there are plenty who still struggle with things not being how they like them.

And of course for many children eating is bottom of the list of things they want to be doing at lunchtime, they would much rather be playing with their friends, so you don’t want to pack things that they find difficult to eat, or give them too much food that they have to finish before they are allowed to go out and play.

So if you’ve got yourself into a lunch box rut here are a few things you might like to try, and of course, you can always try them at home before sending them for lunch to avoid any empty bellies at the end of the day if they don’t like something.

Healthy Meals

  1. Fruit. Most children really enjoy fruit as it's sweet, and parents love them to eat it as it’s healthy. Buy or save a little tub so you can send berries, grapes or dried fruit as well as the standard apple or banana. And think about having a few tins of fruit for days when you’ve run out of the fresh stuff.
  2. Yogurt. You might not want to send them with little pots of sugary flavoured yoghurt but a reusable pot filled with plain yoghurt and a bit of honey or fresh fruit is a great alternative.
  3. Protein could be in the form of cold meats, eggs, cheese, or meat-free alternatives. Some schools will have a no nut policy but you may be able to send seeds and legumes are a great option especially as a yummy dip for crunchy veg or breadsticks.
  4. Try mixing up their sandwiches. Wraps or pitta might go down well and crackers, oatcakes or rice cakes with some slices of cheese or ham can be a good alternative.
  5. If you are worried about sending crisps every day there are some great alternatives to mix it up. You could make popcorn and send it in a little tub or snack bag, or try them with crunchy roasted chickpeas.
  6. Try a few new things. Falafels, olives and other antipasti, mini quiches, fish cakes, savoury muffins, chicken kebabs. There are lots of options and many of them you can keep in the freezer.

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