Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids


Healthy and Natural Snacks for Kids

Depending on your child it can sometimes feel like itís constantly snack time. Having a good supply of natural snacks that are healthy and nutrient dense is vital for kids as they need to eat more frequently than adults and most children will have both a morning and an afternoon snack to keep them going between meals with some even needing a snack before bed to help them sleep.

The fact that they have smaller tummies and snack more often means that children actually get a lot of their calories and nutrients from their snacks. So having healthy natural snack ideas is really important.

What Makes a Healthy Natural Snack?

The most important thing to think about when providing snacks for children is that they need to be as nutrient dense as possible, this is because they generally eat little and often meaning snacks are an important part of their diet. This isnít always easy especially as many readily available snacks such as crisps generally have a low nutritional value. Choosing snacks that include protein and fibre is also good for keeping kids healthy and regulating their blood sugar.

Here are some of our favourite healthy natural snacks for kids:

  • Fruit. Fruit makes a great snack food for children. It is a whole food full of natural sugars which are good for energy and loaded with vitamins. Having fruit readily available for children to snack on is a great way of making sure they get their 5 a day.
  • Vegetables. Veggies also make great snack food. Sticks of carrot or cucumber are popular with kids as are sugar snap peas, celery and red pepper. These can be munched on as they are or dunked in hummus, soft cheese, tahini, nut butter or anything else they enjoy.
  • Whole Foods. Whole food snacks such as rice cakes, oatcakes and even popcorn are a great base for a snack. And they are easy to carry with you.
  • Crisp alternatives. There is nothing wrong with having the occasional packet of crisps but some are definitely better than others. Try lentil or quinoa chips that have more protein and just as much flavour.

  • Frozen Fruits. One great way of making sure you always have the ability to prepare a healthy and delicious snack is to have frozen fruits in the freezer. Frozen fruits are generally cheaper and are fantastic for topping yoghurt or turning into smoothies.
  • Protein Balls. You can either make or buy protein bars or balls and have them on hand for healthy and delicious snacking for adults and children.
  • Trail mix. Again whether you buy it or make your own with your favourite ingredients having a tub of trail mix is a great way of making sure you always have a healthy, protein and fibre fix that will boost their energy and fill their hungry tummies.

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