Bright Colours & Rattles For Baby's Development

Shop our range of fantastic Heimess natural wood baby toys and teething toys. The bright colours, rattles, and dummy chains are perfect for little fingers to grasp. You can use these Heimess nature toys to teach colour and shape recognition to your little ones. The Heimess dummy chains can be used for so much more, we recommend using them to attach toys to baby carriers and prams. These toys will make the perfect gift for any occasion!

Eco-friendly Toys from Heimess

Heimess is a German toy company that has been making high-quality, sustainable wooden baby toys for decades (well over 50 years). Their toys are made from responsibly sourced wooden materials and finished with non-toxic water based paints, water based dyes and stains which leave no chemical residues. They have developed an extensive range of brightly coloured toys with rainbow beads that are guaranteed to entertain babies and toddlers alike, including a stick rattle, wooden clutching toy, wood touch ring, rattle's rings, and teething rings. Many parents are using these toys to teach their children foundational skills like colour and shape recognition, counting and more.

Each Heimess product has quirky and stimulating colours and designs for your little one, which is covered with saliva resistant colours. The brightly coloured rattles and dummy chains are the perfect size for children’s little fingers to grasp so perfect for grasp reflex. Clutching toys are essential for the hands of babies to learn to grasp and trigger the grasp reflex and promote causal effect as they transmit sensations in the hand. 

The Heimess dummy chains with safety clips can be used for so much more, we recommend using them to attach toys to baby carriers etc. The elastic touch ring is a great first clutching toy which will keep them amused and entertained for ages! 

Heimess baby toys are suitable from birth, their eye-catching colours stimulate babies and help with gross motor skills. They are non-toxic and can easily be cleaned with warm water and a damp cloth. You can be assured that all Heimess toys are 100% safe for your kids and conform to European and international safety standards on kids’ toys, they all have rounded end pieces so no sharp peices. Part of the Goki group of companies, Heimess is a great first wooden rattle ring for your baby and the heimess touch ring rainbow beads is one of our most popular wooden rattles.

Each toy goes through a very clear concept and development process to ensure they are not only harmoniously coordinated but also will help with core skills just as gross motor skills and cause effect skills. When baby sleeping remember to remove the toys from the cot/pram.

If you are looking for safe and fun first toys which are made in Germany for your baby, look no further than our Heimess toy collection.

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