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Himalayan Salt Lamps

Our range of real Himalayan rock salt lamps give off a warm natural glow thanks to the minerals present in the Himalayan salt crystals, perfect for low-level evening lighting as the amber light is proven not to interrupt natural circadian rhythms, which promotes sleep and is great for your health and well-being. The natural shape and solid wood base make them attractive decorative accessories when not in use, and all come with energy efficient LED bulbs. LEDs last longer meaning you will need fewer replacement bulbs, making them a good option for night lights.

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Himalayan salt lamp - Various Sizes


Himalayan salt obelisk lamp 23cm

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Shared Earth Salt Lamp Pyramid 15Cm

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Himalayan salt sphere lamp 14-15cm

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Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps

Natural salt lamps have many reputed health benefits. Many people believe having a crystal salt lamp in your home generates negative ions. Releasing these negative ions into the air counteracts the effect of positive ions released by electronic devices as well as clearing the air of other positively charged particles such as pollen, mould spores, cigarette smoke viruses and bacteria. Negative ions are also said to help with regulating sleep, seasonal affective disorder, increasing mental clarity and concentration and respiratory illness and allergies.

Although it's unclear how well these lamps work as an air ionizer salt also improves air quality in another way. Its naturally hygroscopic meaning it attracts water. Contaminants and allergens in the water molecules are then trapped in the salt and pure water vapour is released when the lamp heats. The candle holders are also good for this and you get the added benefit of a flickering flame from the tea light.

The Himalayan crystal lamps come in a variety of sizes, hand carved from a Himalayan salt block that you choose by weight. Or for something a bit different you could opt for the obelisk, sphere or salt bowl. The obelisk makes a really striking feature on a side table while the sphere glows like the moon and would make a lovely night light in a child's bedroom.

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